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Mathematical approach towards non-stepwise performance assessment in HUASB reactor for wastewater treatment from pulp and paper millsHemalatha, D; Narayanan, RM; Kanna, G VinothIJCT Vol.28(1) [January 2021]110-116
Studies on synthesis, characterisation and effect of calcination on Mg-Al hydrotalcite for the removal of anionic speciesAhammed, Nishan V; Varghese, LityAlenIJCT Vol.28(1) [January 2021]102-109
Determination and correlation of solubility and solution thermodynamics of 1, 2-diphenylethane in different pure solventsQi, YabingIJCT Vol.28(1) [January 2021]117-122
Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of nigrosine dye from its aqueous solution using La2Ce2O7 nanoparticlesSalvi, Nutan; Banu, Rukhsar; Ameta, Chetna; Ameta, Rakshit; Punjabi, Pinki BIJCT Vol.28(2) [March 2021]172-179
Pine needle biochar as a low cost adsorbent for removal of malachite green dye from wastewaterJoshi, Priyanka; Srivastava, Anjana; Srivastava, Prakash ChandraIJCT Vol.28(2) [March 2021]180-187
Lipase catalyzed esterification of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) with immobilized Pseudomonas cepacia and Thermomyces lanuginosusSharma, Aditi; Bhandari, Kriti; Jain, Anjali; Chaurasia, Satyendra P.; Dalai, Ajay K.IJCT Vol.28(2) [March 2021]139-149
Ultrasound assisted esterification of Moringa oleifera oil and its optimization by central composite designNiju, S; Janani, GIJCT Vol.28(2) [March 2021]224-230
Selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde to hydrocinnamaldehyde over nickel-carbon composite catalystHansda, Kamala Mandy; Das, Ajit; Mahata, NagendranathIJCT Vol.28(2) [March 2021]231-236
Characterization and evaluation ethyl acetate extract of melochia corchorifolia leaf- anticancer antibiological and molecular docking studies on breast cancer estrogen receptorVinoth, M; Natarajan, B; Sundaram, C ShanmugaIJCT Vol.28(2) [March 2021]188-196
Molecular characterization of blue-green algae (Anabaena constricta) and comparative studies of biodiesel production from other speciesTiwari, Vinaya; Das, Alok; Thakur, Shallu; Trivedi, R KIJCT Vol.28(2) [March 2021]150-162