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Title: Efficiency of fresh fish and clam meat as a maturation diet in Sebae clownfish, Amphiprion sebae (Bleeker 1853)
Authors: Subashchandraboss, M
Ravaneswaran, K
Aanand, S
Anand, C
Sampathkumar, J Stephen
Keywords: Amphiprion sebae;Fecundity;Feed combination;Maturation;Size at first maturity
Issue Date: Feb-2021
Publisher: NISCAIR-CSIR, India
Abstract: The influence of different combinations of fresh fish and clam meat as feed on gonadal development and maturation in Amphiprion sebae was evaluated in a 60-day study. The study used four different combinations of diet viz. control diet (C: commercial feed with 50 % protein (C)), Treatment 1 (T1: fresh fish alone (F)), Treatment 2 (T2: fresh fish in combination with squid meat (FSQ)) and Treatment 3 (T3: fresh fish in combination with clam meat (FCM)). The experiment was conducted in triplicate, with Clown fish (mean weight: 15 g) stocked in tanks of 200 L capacity. The stocked fish were fed on alternate days with the respective assigned diets. On completion of the 60 days study period, maturation of the fish was assessed based on gonado-somatic index (GSI), fecundity and histology. The present study found highest GSI in fish fed with a diet of fresh fish and clam meat on alternate days (0.493 %), followed by fish fed with a diet of fresh fish and squid meat in alternate days (0.349 %) while the lowest GSI was observed in the group fed with the control diet (0.100 %). Average fecundity observed for A. sebae during the present study was 2204±137.4 eggs. Among the different diets, fish fed fresh fish and clam meat (T3) on alternate days had better gonadal development. On 60th day, the ovary of T3 showed late vitellogenic oocytes with an appearance of yolk vesicles. Thus, it could be concluded that fresh fish in combination with clam meat can be used as maturation diet for marine ornamental fish A. sebae to attain early maturation in captivity.
Page(s): 107-114
ISSN: 2582-6727 (Online); 2582-6506 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]

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