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Special issue: Conference on Carbon Materials (CCM 2019) : New generation of carbon materials for industrial and energy efficient devices



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Synthesis of high surface area activated carbon from eucalyptus bark for the removal of methylene blueYadav, Shailesh Kumar; Subhedar, Kiran Mahadeo; Dhakate, Sanjay Ranganth; Singh, Bhanu PratapIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1059-1066
Development of conductive CFRPs using PANI-P-2M thermoset polymer matrixPati, Santwana; Das, Sukanta; Goto, Teruya; Takahashi, Tatsuhiro; Yokozeki, TomohiroIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1067-1070
Stable ensemble brightness from nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamonds through optimized surface compositionSandeep; Kumar, Ravi; Subhedar, Kiran Mahadeo; Kumar, Raj; Dhakate, Sanjay RangnathIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1071-1079
Fabrication of biowaste derived carbon-carbon based electrodes for high-performance supercapacitor applicationsMitravinda, Tadepalli; Karthik, Mani; Anandan, Srinivasan; Sharma, Chandra Shekar; Rao, Tata NarasingaIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1080-1090
Synthesis and (some) applications of carbon-nanotube-supported pyrolytic carbon nanoconesParedes, Germercy; Seine, Grégory; Cours, Robin; Houdellier, Florent; Allouche, Hatem; Ondarçuhu, Thierry; Piazza, Fabrice; Monthioux, MarcIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1091-1094
A new insight on the understanding of carbonisation and graphitisation mechanismsPuech, Pascal; Monthioux, MarcIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1095-1099
Effect of fibre orientation on mechanical properties of carbon fibre compositesSubhedar, Kiran Mahadeo; Chauhan, Gaurav Singh; Singh, Bhanu Pratap; Dhakate, Sanjay RangnathIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1100-1103
Fe-Ni nanoparticle-catalyzed controlled synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on CaCO3Shivanna, Srikantaswamy; Krishnegowda, Jagadish; Ramesh, Abhilash Mavinakere; Gangadhar, AkshathaIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1104-1111
Synthesis of carbon nanotube fiber via direct spinning for conducting wiresDariyal, Pallvi; Arya, Abhishek Kumar; Singh, Bhanu Pratap; Dhakate, Sanjay RanganthIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1112-1117
Dielectric properties of micro-composites based on acrylic coated conducting carbon particles and silicone elastomerSingh, Ajit Shankar; Das, Vishal; Mishra, Preeti; Pandey, Arvind Kumar0975-1017 (Online); 0971-4588 (Print)1118-1126
Production of graphene and carbon nanotubes using low cost carbon-based raw materials and their utilization in the production of polycarbonate/ethylene methyl acrylate -based nanocompositesSharma, Durlubh Kumar; Bagotia, NishaIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1127-1135
Effect of carbon nanotubes on the interlaminar and fracture properties of carbon fiber/epoxy compositesBedi, Harpreet Singh; Agnihotri, Prabhat KumarIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1136-1140
Synthesis and transfer of large area graphene without support layerGhai, Viney; Singh, Harpreet; Agnihotri, Prabhat KumarIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1141-1144
Graphene layer number characterization using scanning kelvin probe force microscopyToutam, Vijay KumarIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1145-1150
Effect of heat treatment on desulphurization of petroleum cokeMahur, Jagpal Singh; Chakraborty, RanadeepIJEMS Vol.27(6) [December 2020]1151-1153
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15