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Combination of Woody and Grass type Biomass: Waste Management, Influence of Process Parameters, Yield of Bio-oil by Pyrolysis and its Chromatographic CharacterizationDhanalakshmi, C Sowmya; Madhu, P; Karthick, A; Kumar, R VigneshJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]172-180
A New Approach for Movie Recommender System using K-means Clustering and PCAYadav, Vikash; Shukla, Rati; Tripathi, Aprna; Maurya, AnamikaJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]159-165
Realization of Autonomous Sensor Networks with AI based Self-reconfiguration and Optimal Data Transmission Algorithms in Resource Constrained NodesAbbas, Syed Ameer; AbiramiJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]149-158
Utilization of Eureka Lemon Peel for Development of Value Added ProductKour, Pawandeep; Gupta, Neeraj; Singh, JagmohanJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]181-185
Impact of Alumina Nanoadditives on Operation and Emission Attributes of Diesel EngineSharma, P; Chauhan, N R; Saraswat, MJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]166-171
Design and Evaluation of Portable Compound Cattle Feed Pelleting Machine for Farm-level Feed ProductionShrinivasa, D J; Mathur, S M; Khadatkar, AbhijitJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]105-114
Simulation and Modelling of Hybrid Heuristics Distribution Algorithm for Flow Shop Scheduling Problem to Optimize Makespan in an Indian Manufacturing IndustrySingh, Harpreet; Oberoi, Jaspreet Singh; Singh, DoordarshiJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]137-142
A Blank Optimization by Effective Reverse Engineering and Metal Forming AnalysisChoudhary, Asit Kumar; Verma, Sharad; KalubhaiBharodia, Vishal; Sudhakar, SJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]143-148
Solvent Treatment on Cloud Point for Dewaxing in Crude Oil IndustriesTripathy, Amita; Nath, Ganeswar; Sahoo, Gourishankar; Paikaray, RitaJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]115-121
An Adaptive Tracking for Moving Targets in Shadows and Poor IlluminationsPragadeeswari, Karthika C; Yamuna, GJSIR Vol.80(02) [February 2021]122-128