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Comparison of the reproductive biology of two stocks of Indian subcontinental Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) with special reference to reproductive isolation and philopatryRekha, M U; Tomy, S; Sukumaran, K; Vidya, R; Kailasam, M; Balasubramanian, C P; Vijayan, K KIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]130-140
Efficiency of fresh fish and clam meat as a maturation diet in Sebae clownfish, Amphiprion sebae (Bleeker 1853)Subashchandraboss, M; Ravaneswaran, K; Aanand, S; Anand, C; Sampathkumar, J StephenIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]107-114
Population growth and maturity characteristics of Commerson’s anchovy (Stolephorus commersonnii Lacepède, 1803) along the southwest coast of IndiaNair, P G; Joseph, S; Kripa, V; Pillai, V NIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]141-147
Effect of horseshoe crab perivitelline fluid on the viability of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth and expression of cell cycle regulatory genesNajian, I; Kannan, T P; Azlina, A; Khairani, I MIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]87-96
Loss of Dugong grass [Halophila ovalis (R. Brown)] population structure due to habitat disturbance in an island ecosystemMishra, A K; Narayana, S; Apte, DIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]115-121
Isolation of L-asparginase from marine bacterium Bacillus subtilis and its characterizationBhosale, H J; Uzma, S Z; Kadam, T AIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]97-106
Checklist of fish species in the Shari-Goyain river, Bangladesh: Threats and conservation measuresTalukder, M R; Hussain, M A; Kunda, M; Rashid, A H A; Pandit, D; Sumon, T AIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]148-155
An account on the morphological identification and molecular confirmation of Acanthopagrus berda (Forsskal, 1775) from Malabar Coast, Kerala, IndiaShilta, M T; Babu, P P Suresh; Vinod, K; Asokan, P K; Sukumaran, S; Joseph, IIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]156-160
Additional new records of Caulerpa cylindracea Sonder 1845 along the West Algerian CoastsBentaallah, M E A; Taibi, N E; Cantasano, NIJMS Vol.50(02) [February 2021]122-129
Morphological and molecular analysis of Otolithoides pama (Hamilton, 1822) (Perciformes: Sciaenidae) from Hooghly-Matlah estuarine system of West Bengal, IndiaBhakta, D; Das, S K; Das, B K; Behera, B K; Nagesh, T S; Johnson, C; Chakraborty, H JIJMS Vol.50(03) [March 2021]219-227