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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2005<smarttagtype namespaceuri="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" name="place"> Concurrent infection with WSSV and MBV in Tiger prawn, <i style="">Penaeus monodon</i> (Fabricious) in West Bengal and their detection using PCR and DNA Dot-blot hybridization technique </smarttagtype>Mishra, S S; Shekhar, M S; Azad, I S
Oct-2005<i style="">In vitro</i> micropropagation of <i style="">Geoderum purpureum</i> R.BrMohapatra, A; Rout, G R
Oct-2005Batch kinetic studies in phenol biodegradation and comparisonVijayagopal, V; Viruthagiri, T
Oct-2005Influence of fermentation conditions on levan production by <i style="">Zymomonas mobilis</i> CT2Senthilkumar, V; Gunasekaran, P
Oct-2005Production of microbial iron chelators (siderophores) by fluorescent PseudomonadsSayyed, R Z; Badgujar, M D; Sonawane, H M; Mhaske, M M; Chincholkar, S B
Oct-2005Carotenoid production from microalga, <i style="">Dunaliella salina</i>Pisal, Dipak S; Lele, S S
Oct-2005Preparation of a reusable enzyme strip for determination of serum cholesterolBhatia, Deepak; Suman; Pundir, C S
Oct-2005Green fluorescent protein tagging: A novel tool in biomedical researchAkbar, Mohammed; Kim, Hee Yong
Oct-2005Lipase fermentation: Progress and prospectsGunasekaran, Vijay; Das, Debabrata
Oct-2005Response of selected aquatic macrophytes towards textile dye wastewatersSharma, K P; Sharma, Kamayani; Kumar, Suresh; Sharma, Shweta; Grover, Ruby; Soni, Pratima; Bhardwaj, S M; Chaturvedi, R K; Sharma, Subhasini
Oct-2005Isolation and deletion analysis of meristem specific promoter from <i style="">Sorghum bicolor</i> (L.) Moench.Verma, Anju; Kumar, P Ananda
Oct-2005Molecular basis of flower initiation—A reviewParimalan, R; Giridhar, P; Joel, A John; Jagadeesan, S
Oct-2005<smarttagtype namespaceuri="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" name="place"> Micropropagation of <i style="">Entada pursaetha</i> DC-An endangered medicinal plant of Western Ghats </smarttagtype>Vidya, S M; Krishna, V; Manjunatha, B K; Shankarmurthy, K
Oct-2005Callus induction and organogenesis from various explants in <i style="">Vigna radiata </i>(L.) WilczekRao, Srinath; Patil, Prabhavati; Kaviraj, C P
Oct-2005Shoot regeneration from immature cotyledonary nodes in black gram [<i style="">Vigna</i> <i style="">mungo</i> (L.) Hepper]Muruganantham, M; Ganapathi, A; Amutha, S; Vengadesan, G; Selvaraj, N
Oct-2005Efficient plant regeneration from encapsulated somatic embryos of <i style="">Hyoscyamus muticus</i> L.Pandey, Avantika; Chand, Suresh
Oct-2005Assessment of variation in isoproturon in susceptible and resistant biotypes of <i style="">Phalaris minor</i> Retz. by RAPD analysisDhawan, Rupa S; Dhawan, A K; Kajla, S; Moudgil, R
Oct-2005A novel approach for simultaneous detection of<i style=""> Citrus yellow mosaic virus</i> and Citrus greening bacterium by multiplex polymerase chain reactionBaranwal, V K; Majumder, S; Ahlawat, Y S; Singh, R P
Oct-2005Genetic diversity in Indian cotton (<i style="">Gossypium</i> spp.) cultivars as revealed by RAPD analysisRana, M K; Tabar, M Vafai; Bhat, K V
Oct-2005Partial purification and characterization of a pectin lyase produced by <i style="">Penicillium oxalicum</i> in solid-state fermentation (SSF)Yadav, Sangeeta; Shastri, N V
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22