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Synthesis, quantification, dft Calculation and molecular docking of (4-amino-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)aminothiazol-5yl)(thiophene-2-yl)methanoneShahana, Fathima M; Yardily, AIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]606-612
In vitro toxicity of low-level green laser irradiation effects on human breast cancer cell linesHabit, Husna Azdiyah Habita; Suardi, Nursakinah; Mahmud, Shahrom; Mydin, Rabiatul Basria SMN; Bakhori, Siti Khadijah MohdIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]627-633
Uremia toxin helps to induce inflammation in intestines by activating the ATM/NEMO/ NF-B signalling pathway in human intestinal epithelial cellsZhang, Ruibin; Guo, Feng; Xue, Xia; Yang, Ruihong; Wang, LihuiIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]638-642
Synthesis, characterization, dft calculation, docking studies, antioxidant and anticancer activities of some 3-(2-alkylaminothiazol-5-oyl)pyridinesRani, S Mahil; Rose, S Viola; Reji, TF Abbs FenIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]620-626
Machine learning approach for COVID-19 crisis using the clinical dataKumar, NRP; Shetty, NSIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]602-605
Application of reverse vaccinology for the identification of epitope candidates from Rickettsia rickettsiiDzul-Rosado, K; Arias-León, J; Lugo-Caballero, C; Peniche-Lara, G; Balam-Romero, B; Rosado-Vallado, MIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]643-647
Potential removal of phenol using modified laterite adsorbentSarma, GVS; Rani, K Sudha; Chandra, K. Sarath; Babu, Bonige Kishore; Ramesh, KVIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]613-619
Biochemical variability of eggplant peel among Indian cultivarsYadav, Vinod Kumar; Singh, R; Jha, Radha Krishana; Kaushik, PrashantIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]634-637
Design of experiments for enhanced production of bioactive exopolysaccharides from indigenous probiotic lactic acid bacteriaBhat, Bilqeesa; Vaid, Surbhi; Habib, Bisma; Bajaj, Bijender KumarIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]539-551
Molecular docking study to elucidate the anti-pruritic mechanism of selected natural ligands by desensitizing TRPV3 ion channel in Psoriasis: An in silico approachAgrawal, Anurag; Kulkarni, Giriraj T; LakshmayyaIJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020]578-583