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Breast cancer nutritional chemistry cachexia oncology – A clinical trials perspectiveSwaminathan, Savitha; Ramalingam, Yamuna; Ranganathan, Balu; Gimbun, Jolius; Muthumariappan, S; Mani, UIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1369-1371
Design, synthesis and characterisation of a disulphide appended sugar bis-triazoleBhavya, P V; Punithavathi, P; Das, Mohan TIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1364-1368
Efficient soluble and polymer cross linked insoluble poly-4-vinyl pyridine metal(V) chloride catalysts for esterification of butanol with acetic acidMurugan, Eagambaram; Arunachalam, Palaniappan; Jebaranjitham, J NimitaIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1327-1340
Electrochemical analysis of nitrite contamination in water using SnTe@GO modified glassy carbon electrodeMurugan, E; Dhamodharan, A; Poongan, A; Kalpana, KIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1313-1320
Optoelectronic properties of all-Inorganic lead-free halide double perovskites (RbxCs1-x)2AgBiBr6 for solar cell applicationsRadhakrishnan, RIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1298-1304
Template-free synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous carbon: Based on functional coal tar pitches with carboxylation and diketone structuresWang, Haiyang; Zhu, Hongzhe; Qi, Debang; Wang, Shoukai; Shen, KaihuaIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1341-1347
Benzimidazolium picrate single crystal: Synthesis, growth, characterization and their biological activityVadivelan, Ganesan; Gohulavani, Grahandurai; Saravanabhavan, Munusamy; Murugesan, Venkatesan; Sekar, MarimuthuIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1305-1312
Preparation and analysis of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and its effect on xerophthalmiaWang, Yingshuang; Huang, Chu-Yan; Fu, Rongrong; Zhang, HaiyingIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1348-1353
Synthesis of ester derivatives of Rhein and their in vitro antitumor activities on cervical cancer cells (Hela)Zhu, Zhi Wen; Yang, Mei; Zhang, Jin PingIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1359-1363
Tetrandrine derivatives IVa-IVd: Structural analysis and their inhibition rate against protein tyrosine kinase, and HL60 & A549 cancer cell linesChen, Chen; Lu, YeIJC-A Vol.59A(09) [September 2020]1354-1358