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Physicochemical assessment of groundwater quality at Kashipur (Uttarakhand) industrial areasNandi, S; Sharma, A; Ahmed, S; Teotia, DIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1486-1494
Zoo-chemical profile analysis and cytotoxicity screening of five marine sponge species collected from Andaman and Nicobar IslandsMuthiyan, R; Perumal, P; Muniswamy, K; Bhattacharya, D; Kundu, A; Sunder, J; De, A KIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1464-1472
Application of remote sensing and GIS for identifying suitable sites for solid waste disposal in Erode Corporation, Tamil Nadu, IndiaVishnuvardhan, K; Elangovan, KIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1479-1485
Tribological behaviour of RuO2 in diesel: Benthic-diatom Navicula sp. algae biodieselArunprasad, J; Elango, TIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1473-1478
Range extension of Jaydia novaeguineae (Apogoninae; Apogonidae) to the northern part of the East coast of IndiaMohanty, S R; Patnaik, L; Mohapatra, AnilIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1495-1497
New host record of Joryma malabaricus, Joryma hilsae and first record of Joryma sawayah (Isopoda: Cymothoidae) from Odisha coast, IndiaSeth, J K; Chakraborty, S; Roy, S; Mohapatra, AnilIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1501-1504
Extension of host range for Anilocra dimidiata, Nerocila sigani and first record of Nerocila depressa (Isopod: Cymothiod) from Odisha coast, IndiaSeth, J K; Behera, A K; Mohanty, S R; Mohapatra, AnilIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1498-1500
Morphometric and meristic characteristics of Spotted snakehead Channa punctata (Bloch, 1793) in a wetland ecosystem (NW Bangladesh) using multi-linear dimensionsIslam, M A; Mawa, Z; Hossain, M Y; Rahman, M A; Hasan, M R; Khatun, D; Chowdhury, A A; Rahman, O; Rahman, M A; Tanjin, S; Habib-Ul-Hassan; Ohtomi, JIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1442-1446
Economic analysis of Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) (Bloch 1790), in Pakistan and opportunities for its aquaculture developmentShah, S B H; Yongtong, M; Narejo, N T; Jarwar, A; Oad, S; Ali, M; Li, Y; Nisar, UIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1425-1434
Accessing the risk of overfishing faced by mullet fisheries and its ongoing economics in PakistanMohsin, Md; Hengbin, Y; Nisar, UIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1416-1424