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Effect of Salicylic Acid and Methyl Jasmonate on Growth and Pigment Production in Monascus purpureusZhang, Jialan; Liu, Piao; Liu, Yingbao; Zhen, Zhixin; Li, Li; Gao, MengxiangJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]681-685
Metakaolin Geopolymer Bricks and Prismsin Axial CompressionKalaiyarrasi, A R R; Partheeban, PJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]686-690
Electrical Discharge Machining of Inconel 718 using Cryo-Processed Rotary Cu-ElectrodeKumar, Rakesh; Pandey, Anand; Sharma, PoojaJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]691-695
Structure-Property Correlation of Hypoeutectic Al-7.6Si Alloys with and without Al-5Ti-1B Grain RefinerBiswas, Prosanta; Gupta, Sourabh; Mondal, Manas Kumar; Bhandari, Rahul; Pramanik, SusantaJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]696-700
Experimental Investigation of Recast Layer, Heat Affected Zone and Corrosion Resistance in WEDM of Inconel 617Gholipoor, Ahad; Shabgard, Mohammadreza; Arghavanian, RezaJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]701-704
Computational Modelling of Tetraodon nigroviridis Melanocortin-1 Receptor (MC1R) Protein and Identification of Natural Compounds as Putative ModulatorsPandey, Saumya; Jahageerdar, ShrinivasJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]705-708
Rapid Identification of Fatty Acids from Leptadenia reticulata Areal Parts by GC-MSDhalani, Jayesh; Parmar, Rahul; Rajpara, Raj; Nariya, PankajkumarJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]709-711
Bioactivity Assessment of potentially active Actinomycetes from Rhizospheric SoilKumari, Nalinee; Menghani, Ekta; Mithal, RekhaJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]712-716
ROI based Hybrid Compression for DICOM ImagesPandian, R; Kumari, S LalithaJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]717-719
Assessment and Implementation of Lean and Green Supply Chain in Medium Scale Automobile Industries using AHP and Fuzzy TOPSISNarayana, S N Sathiya; Parthiban, P; Anbuchezhian; Dhanalakshmi, RJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]720-726
Optimized Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Network using Bees Swarm OptimizationVimalnath, S; Ravi, GJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]727-729
Latent Fingerprint Indexing for Faster Retrieval from Dataset with Image Enhancement TechniqueSingh, Harivans Pratap; Dimri, Priti; Tiwari, Shailesh; Saraswat, ManishJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]730-753
Electricity Optimization in Microbial Fuel Cell of Distillery Wastewater, Vermicompost and Escherichia coliSingh, Pratibha; Srivastava, Ashima; Srivastava, NupoorJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]736-739
Design and Development of a Solar Artifact using Structural AnalysisMaity, Atanu; Prasad, Ashok Kumar; Kumar, Nitish; Mandal, Subrata KumarJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]740-745
Application of Ag Nanoparticle Loaded Bio-based Activated Carbon Composites for Sequestration of Naproxen from WaterReza, Ruhul Amin; Ahmaruzzaman, Md.JSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]746-749
Optimization of Chlorella vulgaris Biodiesel usage in Diesel EngineSathish, TJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]750-752
Isolation and Characterization of Insoluble Dietary Fibres from Kinnow Mandarine (Citrus nobilis + Citrus deliciosa) PeelGhoshal, Gargi; Mehta, SinniJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]753-757
Bioremediation of Yamuna Water using AlgaeShrestha, Swakriti; Singh, Rita; Chaurasiya, Ram SaranJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]758-760
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18