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Interfacial and thermodynamic approach of surfactants with α-chymotrypsin and trypsin: A comparative studyBanjare, Ramesh Kumar; Banjare, Manoj Kumar; Ghosh, Kallol K; Mundeja, Prashant; Panda, SandhyaraniIJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1128-1135
A novel validated eco-friendly RP-UHPLC method for assay and related substances in MeropenemRao, K. Tirumala; Rao, L. Vaikunta; Kandepi, V. V. Krishna MohanIJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1148-1157
Study of the physico-chemical properties of vancomycin hydrochloride for determining its potential applications in formulation developmentSaini, Harjas; Abbot, Vikrant; Bisht, Gopal Singh; Sharma, PoonamIJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1113-1119
Thermophysical and thermodynamic properties of binary liquid systems of [BMIM][MeSO4] ionic liquid with carboxylic acidsMoodley, Kandsamy G; Arumugam, Vasanthakumar; Ogundele, Oriyomi P; Xu, Huanjun; Redhi, Gan G.; Gao, YananIJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1136-1147
Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic dye degradation studies of novel defect pyrochlore, KHf0.5Te1.5O6Sudheera, M.; Ravinder, G.; Ravi, G.; Venkataswamy, P.; Vaishnavi, K.; Chittibabu, N.; Vithal, M.IJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1092-1099
Ultrasonic velocity and allied acoustical parameters of 2, 4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine based Schiff base in DMSOBehura, R.; Behera, Sunita; Palai, B. B.; Mishra, S.; Mishra, M.; Behera, S.; Nath, G.; Jali, B. R.IJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1108-1112
Cadmium sulfide decorated with carbon nanoparticles from peanut shells: An efficient photocatalystSawant, V. J.; Lavate, D.A.; Khomane, A.S.IJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1084-1091
Zirconia-chitosan beads as highly efficient adsorbent for defluoridation of waterTandekar, Swati; Saravanan, D.; Jugade, RavinIJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1067-1075
In vitro incompatibility study of Valsartan and Hydrochlorothiazide by spectroscopic and RP-HPLC MethodKumar, M Manoj; Himaja, D; Sen, SandipIJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1120-1127
Onion based zinc oxide nanoparticles ability as electrochemical sensorKumar, Lokesh S; Indirajith, P; Tetala, Kishore K.R.IJC-A Vol.59A(08) [August 2020]1100-1107