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Removal of arsenic (III) ions from aqueous solution using Aspergillus flavus isolated from arsenic contaminated siteMaheswari, S; Murugesan, A GIJCT Vol.18(1) [January 2011]45-52
Removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solution by chemically modified gingelly oil cake carbonNagashanmugam, K B; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.18(3) [May 2011]207-219
Hexavalent chromium removal by gingelly oil cake carbon activated with zinc chlorideNagashanmugam, K B; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.18(5) [September 2011]391-402
Adsorption of MoO42- ions on Fe-treated tri-calcium phosphateGómez, J Serrano; Martínez, J Bonifacio; Reyes, M C LópezIJCT Vol.19(3) [May 2012]167-172
Blends of polyvinyl pyrrolidone and polyacrylamide as corrosion inhibitors for aluminium in acidic mediumUmoren, S A; Ebenso, E EIJCT Vol.15(4) [July 2008]355-363
Adsorption of dyes on sawdust phosphate: Kinetics and equilibrium studiesPrakash, Aditya; Solanki, Sangeeta; Rao, PTSRK PrasadaIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]146-154
Fluoride removal from water by adsorption on acid activated kaolinite clayGogoi, Pradip K; Baruah, RubyIJCT Vol.15(5) [September 2008]500-503
Removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solutions by using dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate-EDTA modified Amberlite XAD-7HP resinTharanitharan, V; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.16(5) [September 2009]417-425
Removal of Ni(II) from water and wastewater using modified Duolite XAD-761 resinTharanitharan, V; Srinivasan, KIJCT Vol.16(3) [May 2009]245-253
Physico-chemical and surface characterization of adsorbent prepared from groundnut shell by ZnCl2 activation and its ability to adsorb colourMalik, R; Ramteke, D S; Wate, S RIJCT Vol.13(4) [July 2006]319-328