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Optimal cultivation of Scenedesmus sp. microalgae in a bubble column photobioreactorBakuei, Najmeh; Amini, Ghazaleh; Najafpour, Ghasem D; Jahanshahi, Mohsen; Mohammadi, MaedehIJCT Vol.22(1-2) [January-March 2015]20-25
Production of biodiesel from rapeseed oil by porcine pancreatic mediated transesterification reaction in organic solventKia-Kojouri, Mina; Darzi, Ghasem Najafpour; Rupani, Banin; Mohammadpour, MeghdadIJCT Vol.23(3) [May 2016]216-220
Production of biodiesel from wastewater grown Chlorella minutissimaSingh, Shailendra Kumar; Bansal, Ajay; Jha, M K; Jain, RahulIJCT Vol.20(5) [September 2013]341-345
Esterification of free fatty acids present in Jatropha oil: A kinetic studyNeeharika, T S V R; Bhimjiyani, Vidhi H; Dole, Bhushan R; Rani, K N Prasanna; Karadbhajne, V Y; Prasad, R B NIJCT Vol.24(2) [March 2017]213-217
Application of modified CaO as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel productionQin, Fangling; Meng, Mei; Chang, Feiqin; Jeje, Ayodeji; Tang, YingIJCT Vol.24(2) [March 2017]192-197
Leaching of the active component of alumina supported sodium catalysts during the transesterification of soybean oilGupta, Arun Kumar; Garg, Sanjeev; Deo, GoutamIJCT Vol.24(5) [September 2017]479-487
Development of a nano alumina-zirconia composite catalyst as an active thin film in biodiesel productionHeydarzadeh, J Kolaee; Marzban, N; Najafpour, G D; Pourmohammadbagher, M; Valizadeh, SIJCT Vol.25(6) [November 2018]578-582
Kinetic study of preparation of biodiesel from crude rubber seed oil over a modified heterogeneous catalystKrishnakumar, Uma; Sivasubramanian, VIJCT Vol.24(4) [July 2017]430-434
Comparison on the corrosion rates of copper, zinc and brass in Pongamia and Jatropha biodieselsMeenakshi, H N; Anand, Anisha; Shyamala, R; Saratha, RIJCT Vol.24(4) [July 2017]417-423
Biodiesel synthesis and bioreactor design – An overviewDe, Tripti; Sikder, Jaya; Narayanan, C MIJCT Vol.24(6) [November 2017]575-592