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Molecular interaction of aspartic acid in aqueous metal chloride solution — Volumetric, viscometric, acoustical and optical studiesUmaley, K D; Aswar, A SIJCT Vol.19(4) [July 2012]295-302
Reverse phase extraction chromatographic separation of osmium(VIII) with N-n-octylanilineKokate, Sudarshan J; Aher, Haribhau R; Han, Sung-H; Kuchekar, Shashikant RIJCT Vol.19(4) [July 2012]239-243
Isolation of alkaline lipase from rubber seed — Partial purification, characterization and its potential applications as a detergent additiveWeerasooriya, M K B; Kumarasinghe, A A NIJCT Vol.19(4) [July 2012]244-249
Highly selective liquid-liquid extraction of cadmium(II) with hexaacetato calix(6)areneThakare, Y S; Khopkar, S M; Malkhede, D DIJCT Vol.19(4) [July 2012]231-238
Salvia officinalis L. honey as corrosion inhibitor for CuNiFe alloy in sodium chloride solutionVrsalović, L; Gudić, S; Kliškić, MIJCT Vol.19(2) [March 2012]96-102
Sorption equilibrium and kinetic studies of Direct Yellow 12 using carbon prepared from bagasse, rice husk and textile waste clothRavichandran, P; Farzana, M Hasmath; Meenakshi, SIJCT Vol.19(2) [March 2012]103-110
Adsorption of Cr(VI) from aqueous solutions on tea waste and coconut huskDave, Pragnesh N; Pandey, Nishtha; Thomas, HannahIJCT Vol.19(2) [March 2012]111-117
Electrochemical and reflectance studies of bright Zn-Co alloy coatingsBasavanna, S; Naik, Y ArthobaIJCT Vol.19(2) [March 2012]91-95
Synthesis and characterization of soluble and transparent co-polyimides with controlled glass transition temperatureTian, Xiuzhi; Jiang, Xue; Lu, Hui; Huang, DanIJCT Vol.19(4) [July 2012]271-277
Use of colour adsorbed fly ash in brick manufactureChandrasekaran, P; Malathy, RIJCT Vol.19(4) [July 2012]266-270