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Influence of butanol addition on mass transfer and bubble diameter in a split-cylindrical airlift reactorMoraveji, Mostafa Keshavarz; Sajjadiv, Baharak; Davarnejad, Reza; Zade, Saba SharafoddinIJCT Vol.18(4) [July 2011]277-283
Camphor and poly (antimonyacrylate) based interpenetrating polymer network: Synthesis and characterizationKamal, MeetIJCT Vol.18(4) [July 2011]284-290
Immobilization of TiO2 with cement: Photocatalytic degradation of phenol and its kinetic studiesSopyan, Iis; Hafizah, Nor; Jamal, ParveenIJCT Vol.18(4) [July 2011]263-270
Rigid thermosetting liquid moulding resin from sunflower oilHardia, N; Gupta, P L; Dwivedi, R; Mehta, A; Basak, J; Saxena, S; Dixit, R; Prasada, RIJCT Vol.18(4) [July 2011]271-276
Removal of some thiazole dyestuffs from aqueous media by adsorption onto different types of carbonEl-Katori, E E; Fouda, A S; Al-Sarawy, A AIJCT Vol.18(4) [July 2011]319-326
Corrosion behaviour of mild steel in aqueous acetic acid solutions containing different amounts of formic acidSingh, S K; Mukherjee, A K; Singh, M MIJCT Vol.18(4) [July 2011]291-300
A comparative evaluation for adsorption of dye on Neem bark and Mango bark powderSrivastava, Ruchi; Rupainwar, D CIJCT Vol.18(1) [January 2011]67-75
Rapid chromatographic separation of sulfa drugs by used molecularly imprinted polymerHsu, Jen Jung; Huang, Ing-Bang; Hwang, Ching-Chiang; Wu, Ming ChangIJCT Vol.18(1) [January 2011]7-12
Role of acidity for the production of carvacrol from carvone over sulfated zirconaSingh, Baldev; Patial, Jyoti; Sharma, Parveen; Chandra, Suresh; Kaul, Pinki; Maity, SudipIJCT Vol.18(1) [January 2011]21-28
Evaluating two new sulphonamidoimidazolines on the corrosion of brass in 0.6 M aqueous sodium chloride solutionRanjana; Nandi, M MIJCT Vol.18(1) [January 2011]29-36