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Determination of boron in zirconium-niobium alloys by spectrophotometryRamanjaneyulu, P S; Sayi, Y S; Ramakumar, K LIJCT Vol.17(6) [November 2010]468-470
Solvent extraction and separation of Mo(VI) and W(VI) from hydrochloric acid solutions using cyanex-923 as extractantTalla, R G; Gaikwad, S U; Pawar, S DIJCT Vol.17(6) [November 2010]436-440
Corrosion behaviour of sol-gel Al2O3 coated Al-Si alloy in 3.5% NaCl solutionSingh, I B; Singh, M; Das, S; Yegneswaran, A HIJCT Vol.17(6) [November 2010]419-424
Novel methods for the spectrophotometric determination of colchicosideNarayana, B; Divya, N SIJCT Vol.17(4) [July 2010]317-320
Liquid membrane extraction and transport of amino acids using calix[6]areneRaizada, Pankaj; Vyas, Vaishali; Sharma, UmaIJCT Vol.17(4) [July 2010]267-273
A comparative study on basicity based on supported K-salt catalysts for isomerization of 1-methoxy-4- (2-propene-1-yl) benzeneSingh, Baldev; Patial, Jyoti; Sharma, Parveen; Chandra, Suresh; Maity, Sudip; Lingaiah, NIJCT Vol.17(6) [November 2010]446-450
Visible light-driven photocatalytic degradation and mineralization of neutral red dye in a slurry photoreacterPare, Brijesh; Singh, Pardeep; Jonnalagadda, S BIJCT Vol.17(5) [September 2010]391-395
Extraction of acetic acid from aqueous solutions by emulsion type liquid membranes using Alamine 300 as a carrierManzak, Aynur; Sonmezoglu, MelekIJCT Vol.17(6) [November 2010]441-445
Characterization of vesicle for Enhanced Oil RecoveryGogoi, S BIJCT Vol.17(4) [July 2010]282-290
Size-dependent growth kinetics of continuous mass crystallization of L-sorbose from its water solutionsWierzbowska, B; Piotrowski, K; Hutnik, N; Matynia, AIJCT Vol.17(4) [July 2010]296-302