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Rheological behaviour of fatty acid methyl estersSrivastava, A; Prasad, RIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]473-481
Synthesis and characterization of new polycrown ether (schiff base)Dutta, Pradip KumarIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]515-517
Extraction of ethanol from aqueous solution by solvent extraction-liquid-liquid equilibrium of ethanol-water-1-butanol, ethanol-water-1-pentanol and ethanol water-1-hexanol systemsRahman, M A; Rahman, M S; Nabi, M NIJCT Vol.08(5) [September 2001]385-389
Investigation of the ion-pair formation of palladium(II) with N-n-octylaniline by solvent extraction from weak organic acid mediaKolekar, S S; Anuse, M AIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]445-451
The rise and fall of the salitre (sodium nitrate) industryWisniak, Jaime; Garces, IngridIJCT Vol.08(5) [September 2001]427-438
Synthesis of sulphur containing compounds over molecular sieve catalystsKamalakar, G; Srinivasu, P; Prasad, M Ramakrishna; Kulkarni, S J; Raghavan, K VIJCT Vol.08(5) [September 2001]425-426
Recycling of hydrocarbon from textile printingZacharia, JosephIJCT Vol.08(5) [September 2001]413-416
Modifications of ZSM-5 zeolite catalyst for dimethyl ether conversion to olefinsDuprat, Francoise; Morales, Victor CruzIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]482-486
Retention behavior and mechanism of adsorption of some chloropyridine isomers in normal phase liquid chromatography on silica, cyano-silica and amino-silica columnsKrishnamurthy, A S R; Narsimha, RIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]458-462
Degradation of basic yellow auramine O-A textile dye by semiconductor photocatalysisPandurangan, A; Kamala, P; Uma, S; Palanichamy, M; Murugesan, VIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]496-499