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Pressure drop and phase holdups in multi-stage turbulent bed contactor with downcomersSoundarajan, K; Krishnaiah, KIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]179-186
Synergistic influence of iodide ions on the inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in sulphuric acid by cyclohexylamineMuralidharan, S; Azim, S Syed; Iyer, S VenkatakrishnaIJCT Vol.05(3) [May 1998]167-171
Superoxide mediated oxidative cleavage of some electron accepting systems using tetraethylammonium bromide as phase-transfer catalystSingh, Sundaram; Singh, Krishna NandIJCT Vol.05(3) [May 1998]175-178
Preparation of benzonitrile from methyl benzoate and ammonia catalyzed by niobium phosphateWali, Anil; Unnikrishnan, S; Pillai, S Muthukumaru; Satish, SIJCT Vol.05(3) [May 1998]172-174
Effect of preparation conditions of Raney Nickel on its catalytic properties for slurry phase hydrogenation of o-nitrophenol to o-aminophenolChoudhary, V R; Sane, M GIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]199-208
Modelling of air-lift reactors based on bubble dynamicsChakraborty, Saikat; Kargupta, Kajari; Bhowal, AvijitIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]187-191
Effect of glucose and type of inoculum on biodegradation of phenolMishra, M K; Srivastava, S KIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]195-198
Physicochemical changes of Litchi in modified atmospheric storageGhosh, U; Bhattacharjee, A; Bose, P K; Choudhuri, D R; Gangopadhyay, HIJCT Vol.05(6) [November 1998]393-396
Formulation and in vitro characterization of niosomes containing 5-fluorouracilParikh, Jolly R; Murthy, R S R; Parikh, R HIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]192-194
Antimalarial drug-primaquine and reduced glutathione (GSH)Suhail, Mohammad; Ahmad, ImtiazIJCT Vol.05(2) [March 1998]107-108