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Viscosity and density of binary liquid mixtures of tri-n-butyl phosphate +benzene, +carbon tetrachloride, +isobutyl methyl ketone and +acetylacetone at 25, 30, 35,40 and 45°CRout, B K; Mishra, N C; Chakravortty, VIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]347-350
Critical micelle concentration of some 1,4-di- n-alkylbenzene sulphonatesGendy, T S; Ibrahim, V; Barakat, YIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]337-342
A few thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures of bis (2-methoxyethyl)ether with estersAminabhavi, T M; Khinnavar, R S; Phayde, H T S; Bindu, GIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]343-346
Influence of variables on Cd-Ni-Ti alloy plating from a sulphate bathShukla, S D; Srivastava, NeenaIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]333-336
reparation of nitriles from carboxylic acids over zeolite catalystsNagaiah, K; Kulkarni, S J; Subrahmanyam, M; Rao, A V RamaIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]356-358
Removal of Fe(II) by waste Fe(m) / Cr(III) hydroxide from aqueous solution and electroplating industry wastewaterNamasivayam, C; Ranganathan, KIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]351-355
Catalytic synthesis of N-methylpiperazine from diethanolamine and methylamine by cyclodehydration reactionNagaiah, K; Rao, A Sudhakar; Subrahmanyam, M; Kulkarni, S J; Rao, A V RamaIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]359-360
Hydrocarbon composition of straight run middle distillate correlated with diesel indexSharma, R L; Dimri, J K; Bhatt, K PIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]373-375
Corrosion of magnesium in aqueous halidesAugustin, C OIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]363-365
Synthesis of novel esters of 4-(2'-phenylisopropyl)phenol used as column packings for gas liquid chromatographyTambe, A S; Biswas, S S; Ayyangar, N RIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]371-372