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Some fatty acid oxadiazoles for corrosion inhibition of mild steel in HClRafiquee, M Z A; Saxena, Nidhi; Khan, Sadaf; Quraishi, M AIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]576-583
Influence of galvanic coupling on the formation of zinc phosphate coatingArthanareeswari, M; Narayanan, T S N Sankara; Kamaraj, P; Tamilselvi, MIJCT Vol.17(3) [May 2010]167-175
Inhibition of mild steel corrosion in acid media by N-benzyl-Nʹ-phenyl thioureaShettya, S Divakara; Shetty, PrakashIJCT Vol.15(3) (May 2008)216-220
Influence of formic acid addition on the electrochemical behaviour of mild steel in glacial acetic acidSingh, S K; Mukherjee, A K; Singh, M MIJCT Vol.15(1) [January 2008]68-71
Fatty acid triazoles derived from Neem, Rice bran and Karanja oils as corrosion inhibitors for mild steelToliwal, S D; Jadav, KalpeshIJCT Vol.16(1) [January 2009]32-37
Heterocyclic anils as corrosion inhibitors of mild steel in formic and acetic acid solutionsQuraishi, M A; Sharma, H KIJCT Vol.12(1) [January 2005]98-104
Inhibitiory effects of some imines on the corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solutionShanbhag, A V; Prabhu, R A; Kulkarni, G M; Kalkhambkar, R G; Venkatesha, T VIJCT Vol.14(6) [November 2007]584-591
Cetyl trimethylammonium bromide as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acidic mediumSharma, Mukta; Chawla, Jyoti; Singh, GurmeetIJCT Vol.16(4) [July 2009]339-343
Inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid by N-cyclohexyl-N'- phenyl thioureaShetty, S Divakara; Shetty, Prakash; Nayak, H V SudhakerIJCT Vol.12(4) [July 2005]462-465
Inhibitive effect of some gemini surfactants on mild steel corrosion in acid solutionsSharma, H K; Quraishi, M AIJCT Vol.14(5) [September 2007]494-500