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Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamics studies on Cd(II) removal from aqueous solution by magnesite tailingErol, Seda; Özdemir, MineIJCT Vol.25(3) [May 2018]246-254
Adsorption of cationic dye methyl green from aqueous solution onto activated carbon prepared from BrachychitonPopulneus fruit shellRida, Kamel; Chaibeddra, Keltoum; Cheraitia, KhadjidjaIJCT Vol.27(1) [January 2020]51-59
Stabilization of bacterial cells culture on immobilized Alginate beads and optimization of Congo red decolorizationSundararaman, Sathish; Narendrakumar, GIJCT Vol.26(6) [November 2019]544-552
Removal of crystal violet and methylene blue dyes using Acacia Nilotica sawdust activated carbonGupta, Tripti B; Lataye, Dilip HIJCT Vol.26(1) [January 2019]52-68
Kinetic and equilibrium studies on adsorption of cadmium from aqueous solution using Aesculus Indica seed shellBhardwaj, Anuja; Chand, Piar; Pakade, Yogesh B; Joshi, Robin; Sharma, MohitIJCT Vol.26(2) [March 2019]146-152
Polyamine-promoted aqueous DEEA for CO2 capture: An experimental analysisVerma, Akansha; Kumar, Pradeep; Bindwal, Ankush; Paul, SubhamIJCT Vol.26(5) [September 2019]411-417
Adsorption behaviour of bromophenol blue from the aqueous solution on Labeo bata fish scale, a bio-waste materialGhosh, Abir; Biswas, Hari Shankar; Debnath, Sushanta; Sasikumar, Palani; Biswas, Krishna; Ghosh, Uday ChandIJCT Vol.26(4) [July 2019]321-329
Enhanced adsorption of fluoride by common potters’clay surface modified by zirconium oxide particlesKalita, Paran Jyoti; Saikia, Jitu; Sarmah, Susmita; Goswamee, Rajib LochanIJCT Vol.28(1) [January 2021]23-35
Sugarcane trash ash: A low cost adsorbent for atrazine and fipronil removal from waterYadav, Shubham; Singh, NeeraIJCT Vol.27(4) [July 2020]319-325
Preparation of a novel and highly stable Al-Fe loaded sepiolite catalyst for the CWPO of methyl orange: Optimization of physicochemical parameters, kinetics and thermodynamics studiesİlkerKıpçak; Kalpazan, EsinIJCT Vol.27(5) [September 2020]355-366