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Rubber seed shell carbon as sequestrant of heavy metals and organic compounds from aqueous solutionOkieimen, F E; Okieimen, CO; Ojokoh, F IIJCT Vol.12(2) [March 2005]181-186
Physico-chemical and surface characterization of adsorbent prepared from groundnut shell by ZnCl2 activation and its ability to adsorb colourMalik, R; Ramteke, D S; Wate, S RIJCT Vol.13(4) [July 2006]319-328
Feasibility study of microbial regeneration of spent activated carbon sorbed with phenol using mixed bacterial cultureSodha, Kruti; Panchani, Suresh C; Nath, KaushikIJCT Vol.20(1) [January 2013]33-39
Adsorptive removal of acid orange 7 from industrial effluents using activated carbon and conducting polymer composite – A comparative studySupriya, S; Palanisamy, P NIJCT Vol.23(6) [November 2016]506-512
Removal of Methylene Blue from aqueous solution by activated carbon of Vigna mungo L and Paspalum scrobiculatum: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamic studies.Valliammai, S; Subbareddy, Y; Nagaraja, K S; Jeyaraj, BIJCT Vol.24(2) [March 2017]134-144
Adsorptive desulfurization of model fuel by activated oil palm shellAnisuzzaman, S M; Abang, Sariah; Krishnaiah, Duduku; Razlan, MARIJCT Vol.24(2) [March 2017]206-212
Response surface methodology for optimization of phenol adsorption by activated carbon: Isotherm and kinetics studyTabassi, Dorra; Harbi, Soumaya; Louati, Islem; Hamrouni, BechirIJCT Vol.24(3) [May 2017]239-255
John Isotherm for the characterisation of microporous carbons: A comparative evaluation of adsorption phenomenaAchari, V Sivanandan; Thomas, Mercy; Jayasree, S; Rajalakshmi, A S; Lopez, Raichel Mary; Ravindran, BindiaIJCT Vol.25(2) [March 2018]123-139
Porous activated carbon material derived from sustainable bio-resource of peanut shell for H2 and CO2 storage applicationsAriharan, Arjunan; Viswanathan, BalasubramanianIJCT Vol.25(2) [March 2018]140-149
Adsorption of cationic dye methyl green from aqueous solution onto activated carbon prepared from BrachychitonPopulneus fruit shellRida, Kamel; Chaibeddra, Keltoum; Cheraitia, KhadjidjaIJCT Vol.27(1) [January 2020]51-59