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Hydrothermal synthesis and enhanced sunlight photoactivity of Gd, N, and P tri-doped anatase-TiO2 by TiCl4 hydrolysisJiang, Hongquan; Gao, Mengdie; Zang, Shuying; Li, Jingshen; Wang, XuefengIJCT Vol.23(3) [May 2016]187-195
Method development and validation for simultaneous quantitation of ivermectin, doramectin and moxidectin in muscle by using LC-MS/MS in positive ESI modeDahiya, Meenakshi; Dubey, Nidhi; Singh, Prabha; Singh, G NIJCT Vol.22(1-2) [January-March 2015]26-33
Cloud point preconcentration of gold (III) and determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometryUrucu, Oya Aydın; Gündüz, Zeynep Yurtman; Yetimoğlu, Ece KökIJCT Vol.20(2) [March 2013]106-110
Removal of Orange II dye from aqueous solution by adsorption and photodegradation with visible light in presence of nitrogen doped titania nanocatalystChakrabortty, Dhruba; Gupta, Susmita SenIJCT Vol.22(1-2) [January-March 2015]34-41
Development and application of RP-HPLC method for dissolution study of oral formulations containing amlodipine besylatePawar, Harshal Ashok; Yadav, AkankshaIJCT Vol.23(3) [May 2016]210-215
Electrochemical investigation of hydrazide derivative as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in hydrochloric acid mediumKumari, Preethi P; Shetty, Prakash; Rao, Suma AIJCT Vol.23(3) [May 2016]196-203
Study of water soluble dyes adsorption from aqueous solution by Prosopis spicigera L. wood (PSLW) carbonRani, M Jansi; Murugan, M; Subramaniam, P; Subramanian, EIJCT Vol.23(1) [January 2016]22-30
Application of cement kiln dust enhancing methane production using upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor for the treatment of palm oil mill effluentAhmad, AnwarIJCT Vol.23(1) [January 2016]31-38
Influence of butanol addition on mass transfer and bubble diameter in a split-cylindrical airlift reactorMoraveji, Mostafa Keshavarz; Sajjadiv, Baharak; Davarnejad, Reza; Zade, Saba SharafoddinIJCT Vol.18(4) [July 2011]277-283
Optimization of preparation conditions for melamine urea formaldehyde based adhesive for plywood application using response surface methodologyOng, Huei Ruey; Reddy, Prasad D M; Khan, Md Maksudur RahmanIJCT Vol.23(1) [January 2016]39-46