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Continuous ethanol production by fermentation of waste banana peels using flocculating yeastJoshi, S S; Dhopeshwarkar, Rahul; Jadhav, Unmesh; Jadhav, Rishikesh; D' souza, Lawrence; Dixit, JayaprakashIJCT Vol.08(3) [May 2001]153-156
Studies of printing inks on starch blended and surface grafted polyethylene film for flexible packagingGhosh, R N; Adhikari, B; Ray, B CIJCT Vol.11(3) [May 2004]357-366
Modelling of packed column using artificial neural networksPandharipande, S L; Mandavgane, S AIJCT Vol.11(6) [November 2004]820-824
Process monitoring of Dibenz-[b,f]-1 ,4-Oxazepine (CR) by gas chromatographic methodBag, Bidhan Chandra; Kaushik, M PIJCT Vol.09(5) [September 2002]415-419
Studies of metal ion uptake behaviour of formaldehyde condensed resins of phenolic Schiff bases derived from the reaction of 4,4' -diaminodiphenyl and 4, 4' -diaminodiphenylmethane with o-hydroxybenzaldehyde Dey, R K; Acharya, S; Samal, S; Ra, A RIJCT Vol.11(5) [September 2004]695-703
Studies on effect of topology on pulp and paper characteristics of Eucalyptus camaldulenosis Dulta, Dharm; Malik, R S; Upadhyayaa, J S; Tyagi, C H; Upadhyaya, M KIJCT Vol.12(3) [May 2005]332-340
Synthesis and analytical application of Fe(III) based heteropoly acid cation exchangersGeetha, V; Janardanan, CIJCT Vol.13(2) [March 2006]185-188
Determination of serum and urinary urate with reusable uricase stripSushma; Rekha; Kumar, Vijay; Suman; Pundir, C SIJCT Vol.11(6) [November 2004]764-768