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Spectroscopic investigations of substituted polyaniline$Kumar, DIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]118-122
Simulation of electro-mixer-settler for the partitioning of uranium and plutonium in PUREX processPandey, N K; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.11(4) [July 2004]535-547
Estimation of dielectric constants of some halogenated polymers by group additive methodsBegum, Muneera; Rajulu, A Varada; SiddaramaiahIJCT Vol.09(6) [November 2002]526-528
Excess volumes of binary liquid mixtures containing methyl butyrate with bromobenzene, chlorobenzene and nitrobenzene at 303 K, 308 K and 313 KRathnam, M V; Singh, R KIJCT Vol.11(4) [July 2004]526-530
Oxidative coupling of methane over La-promoted MgO catalysts: Influence of precursors and method of catalyst preparationChoudhary, V R; Rane, V H; Chaudhari, S TIJCT Vol.11(4) [July 2004]569-574
Removal of arsenic from water by different adsorbentsGoel, Rajeev; Kapoor, S K; Misra, Kshipra; Sharma, R KIJCT Vol.11(4) [July 2004]518-525
Effect of particle size on thermal decomposition of lime shells: Suitability of calcined lime shell for pollution control and energy storageKale, B B; Gokarn, A NIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]137-140
In-plant corrosion test on special stainless steels in bleach plant of paper industrySingh, Raghuvir; Singh, A KIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]141-147
Preservation of bagasse through biotech approach for pulp and paper industryYadav, K R; Sharma, Rajesh K; Kothari, R MIJCT Vol.10(6) [November 2003]587-592
Corrosion behaviour of VTS, STS and DTS inhibitors in formic and acetic acidsQuraishi, M A; Jamal, D; Luqman, MIJCT Vol.09(6) [November 2002]479-483