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A polystyrene based heterogeneous solid membrane of cerium{IV) selenite as sensor for Hg(II) ionsJain, A K; Gupta, V K; Singh, L PIJCT Vol.02(4) [July 1995]189-192
Preparation of different molecular weight fractions of cellulose and characterisation of homogeneously acetylated fractionsSaikia, C N; Tosh, B N; Goswami, T; Ghosh, A CIJCT Vol.03(6) [November 1996]333-337
Synthesis and photostimulated dilation changes of polymers with azobenzene cross-linksAbraham, Gigy; Purushothaman, EIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]213-216
Corrosion of magnesium in aqueous halidesAugustin, C OIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]363-365
Synthesis of novel esters of 4-(2'-phenylisopropyl)phenol used as column packings for gas liquid chromatographyTambe, A S; Biswas, S S; Ayyangar, N RIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]371-372
Isomerisation of endo-Tetrahydrodicyclopentadiene to exo-TetrahydrodicyclopentadienePrakash, Om; Tiwari, R K; Kalra, Sohan Lal; Venkataramani, P SIJCT Vol.02(5) [September 1995]295-297
Tensile stress and elongation properties of edible plastics from starchDas, Madhusweta; Banthia, A K; Bal, SIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]209-212
Membrane potential studies on inorganic ionexchange membrane- Electrochemical characterisation of titanium dioxide membraneSingh, Kehar; Mishra, NeelamIJCT Vol.03(6) [November 1996]329-332
Surface mass transfer processes using activated date pits as adsorbentGaid, Abdelkader; Kaoua, Farida; Mederres, Nadia; Khodja, MohamedIJCT Vol.02(5) [September 1995]291-294
An empirical correlation for solvent selectivity factorGovindarajan, M; Sabarathinam, P LIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]361-362