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Superoxide mediated oxidative cleavage of some electron accepting systems using tetraethylammonium bromide as phase-transfer catalystSingh, Sundaram; Singh, Krishna NandIJCT Vol.05(3) [May 1998]175-178
Sedimentation tendency of Bombay High crude oil: Effect of wax and flow improver additiveDilawar, S V K; Agrawal, K M; Khan, H UIJCT Vol.02(5) [September 1995]258-260
Application of alum plant waste liquor in treatment of alkaline waste watersShivhare, R L; Pandey, G SIJCT Vol.03(5) [September 1996]289-291
Influence of variables on Cd-Ni-Ti alloy plating from a sulphate bathShukla, S D; Srivastava, NeenaIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]333-336
Preparation of benzonitrile from methyl benzoate and ammonia catalyzed by niobium phosphateWali, Anil; Unnikrishnan, S; Pillai, S Muthukumaru; Satish, SIJCT Vol.05(3) [May 1998]172-174
Effect of preparation conditions of Raney Nickel on its catalytic properties for slurry phase hydrogenation of o-nitrophenol to o-aminophenolChoudhary, V R; Sane, M GIJCT Vol.05(4) [July 1998]199-208
Liquid-liquid extraction studies of some metal complexes using crown ethersGaikwad, A G; Noguchi, H; Yoshio, MIJCT Vol.02(5) [September 1995]271-275
reparation of nitriles from carboxylic acids over zeolite catalystsNagaiah, K; Kulkarni, S J; Subrahmanyam, M; Rao, A V RamaIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]356-358
Characterisation and evaluation of a commercial vanadia catalyst for ammoxidation of picolinestMasthan, S Khaja; Narayana, K V; Rao, V Venkat; Rao, P KantaIJCT Vol.03(6) [November 1996]313-318
Removal of Fe(II) by waste Fe(m) / Cr(III) hydroxide from aqueous solution and electroplating industry wastewaterNamasivayam, C; Ranganathan, KIJCT Vol.01(6) [November 1994]351-355