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Solar photocatalytic treatment of gelatin industry effluent: Performance of pilot scale reactor with suspended TiO2 and supported TiO2Velmurugan, R; Subash, B; Krishnakumar, B; Selvam, K; Swaminathan, MIJCT Vol.23(2) [March 2016]139-145
Hydrothermal synthesis and enhanced sunlight photoactivity of Gd, N, and P tri-doped anatase-TiO2 by TiCl4 hydrolysisJiang, Hongquan; Gao, Mengdie; Zang, Shuying; Li, Jingshen; Wang, XuefengIJCT Vol.23(3) [May 2016]187-195
Effect of operating parameters and titanium source on photodegradation of phenolPozan, Gulin Selda; Kambur, AycaIJCT Vol.21(4) [July 2014]272-279
CFD simulations of immobilized-titanium dioxide based annular photocatalytic reactor: Model development and experimental validationKumar, Jatinder; Bansal, AjayIJCT Vol.22(3-4) [May-July 2015]95-104
Visible light-driven photocatalytic degradation and mineralization of neutral red dye in a slurry photoreacterPare, Brijesh; Singh, Pardeep; Jonnalagadda, S BIJCT Vol.17(5) [September 2010]391-395
Solar photocatalytic detoxification of cyanide with bacterial disinfection by oxide ceramicsKarunakaran, C; Gomathisankar, P; Manikandan, GIJCT Vol.18(3) [May 2011]169-176
Photocatalysed degradation of a fungicide, thiram in aqueous suspension of titanium dioxideHaque, M M; Muneer, MIJCT Vol.12(1) [January 2005]68-74
Optimization for UV-photocatalytic degradation of paraquat over titanium dioxide supported on rice husk silica using Box-Behnken designTantriratna, P; Wirojanagud, W; Neramittagapong, S; Wantala, K; Grisdanurak, NIJCT Vol.18(5) [September 2011]363-371
A study on development of indigenous integrated microwave-ultraviolet reactor for degradation of p-cresol in aqueous solutionKarthikeyan, S; Gopalakrishnan, A NavaneethaIJCT Vol.18(6) [November 2011]458-462
Parametric optimization of photocatalytic degradation of catechol in aqueous solutions by response surface methodologyKansal, S K; Singh, M; Sud, DIJCT Vol.14(2) [March 2007]145-153