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Special issue: New Frontiers in Nuclear Physics


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Relative emergence of fission and quasi-fission in Z=116 superheavy nucleusKaur, Gurjit; Sharma, Manoj KIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]331-335
Evaporation residue cross section to synthesize superheavy element Z=119Manjunatha, H C; Sridhar, K N; Sowmya, NIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]336-341
High spin structure of 82Sr using triaxial projected shell modelBehera, N; Bhat, G H; Naik, Z; Palit, R; Sun, Y; Sheikh, J AIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]342-345
High resolution nuclear timing spectroscopy system based on new method of free running ramp and tracking ADCsChavan, Kanchan; Vaidya, P P; Nair, J MIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]346-350
Measurement of 100Mo (n, 2n) 99Mo reaction cross section and covariance analysis using extended unscented transformation technique at the incident neutron energy of 13.9 MeVRam, Sangeetha Prasanna; Nair, Jayalekshmi; Suryanarayana, S V; Dhanu, Laxman Singh; Naik, Haladhara; Ganesan, SIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]351-357
Investigation of 14.1 MeV neutrons interaction with C, Mg, CrFedorov, N A; Dashkov, I D; Grozdanov, D N; Kopatch, Yu N; Ruskov, I N; Skoy, V R; Tretyakova, T Yu; Aliev, F A; Dabylova, S; Gundorin, N A; Hramco, C; TANGRA collaborationIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]358-362
Evaluation of nuclear structure data and its spin-offsJoshi, P KIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]363-367
Projectile multifragmentation study in the interaction of 84Kr with nuclear emulsion detector at relativistic energySingh, U; Singh, M K; Singh, VIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]368-370
Disentangling of incomplete fusion dynamics at low energies ≈ 4-6 MeV/AGiri, Pankaj K; Mahato, Amritraj; Singh, D; Linda, Sneha B; Kumar, Harish; Tali, Suhail A; Ansari, M Afzal; Kumar, R; Muralithar, S; Singh, R PIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]371-375
Variation of ICF strength function with projectile energy for 12C + 165Ho system at Elab ≤ 7MeV/AOjha, Alpna; Gupta, Sunita; Shuaib, Mohd; Singh, B P; Prasad, RIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]376-379
A pulse generation system based on new method for testing performance of high-resolution nuclear spectroscopy systemsSiddavatam, Asma Parveen I; Patil, Ajit T; Vaidya, Prakash PIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]380-385
Effect of projectile breakup in the system 19F + 154SmMahato, Amritraj; Giri, Pankaj K; Singh, D; Sharma, Nitin; Linda, Sneha B; Kumar, Harish; Tali, Suhail A; Deb, Nabendu K; Ansari, M Afzal; Kumar, R; Muralithar, S; Singh, R PIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]386-391
Measurement of (n,γ) reaction cross section of 186W-isotope at neutron energy of 20.02±0.58 MeVMehta, Mayur; Singh, N L; Makwana, R; Subhash, P V; Suryanarayana, S V; Parashari, S; Chauhan, Rakesh; Singh, R K; Naik, H; Mukherjee, S; Soni, B; Khirwadkar, S; Varmuza, J; Katovsky, KIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]392-396
Alpha-decay chains of Z=122 superheavy nuclei using cubic plus proximity potential with improved transfer matrix methodNaveya, G; Kumar, S Santhosh; Philominraj, S I A; Stephen, AIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]397-403
Measurement and analysis of photonuclear reactions on thick target samples of biological importanceIbrahim, Salma R V; Musthafa, M M; Midhun, C V; Cyriac, Swapna Lily; Sajeev, SIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]404-408
Quasi-elastic scattering measurements of the 28Si + 142Nd system at back-angleBiswas, Saumyajit; Chakraborty, A; Jhingan, A; Arora, D; Behera, B R; Biswas, Rohan; Deb, Nabendu Kumar; Ghugre, S S; Giri, Pankaj K; Golda, K S; Kaur, G; Kumar, A; Kumar, M; Mukherjee, B; Nayak, B K; Parihari, A; Rai, N K; Rai, S; Raut, R; Sahu, Rudra N; Sinha, A KIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]409-414
Competition between alpha and heavy cluster decay in superheavy element 296OgJose, Tinu Ann; Santhosh, K PIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]415-417
Towards a consistent understanding of the exotic nucleus Si28Abbas, Syed Afsar; Usmani, Anisul Ain; Rahaman, Usuf; Ikram, MIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]418-422
Study of pre-equilibrium contributions in proton spectra of 59Co(n,xp) reaction using TALYS-1.9Choudhary, Mahesh; Sharma, Aman; Gandhi, A; Singh, Namrata; Kumar, AIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]423-426
Response function of a BGO detector for γ-rays with energies in the range from 0.2 MeV to 8 MeVGrozdanov, D N; Fedorov, N A; Kopatch, Yu N; Ruskov, I N; Dabylova, S B; Aliyev, F A; Skoy, V R; Hramco, C; Tretyakova, T Yu; Kumar, A; Gandhi, A; Sharma, A; Wang, D; Sakhiyev, S K; TANGRA collaborationIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]427-430
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20