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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2006<span style="mso-bidi-language:HI">Efficient <i>Pseudomonas putida </i>for degradation of <i>p</i>-nitrophenol </span>Kulkarni, Meenal; Chaudhari, Ambalal
Jul-2006Biopulping studies using an effluent isolate <i>Cuwularia lunata </i>LW6Narkhede, K P; Vidhale, N N
Jul-2006Integrated biological approach for the enhanced degradation of lindaneNagpal, Varima; Paknikar, K M
Jul-2006Micropropagation of <i style="">Azadirachta indica </i>A. Juss. via cotyledonary nodesReddy, A Rajasekhar; Bavaji, M; Rao, J V S
Jul-2006Thidiazuron induced high frequency shoot bud formation and plant regeneration from cotyledonary node explants of <i style="">Capsicum annuum</i> L.Siddique, Iram; Anis, Mohammad
Jul-2006Marine biotechnology: An overviewThakur, Narsinh L; Thakur, Archana N
Jul-2006Somatic embryogenesis and <i style="">Agrobacterium</i> mediated genetic transformation in Indian accessions of lucerne (<i style="">Medicago sativa</i> L.)Gupta, Sanjay; Gupta, Shweta; Bhat, Vishnu; Gupta, M G
Jul-2006Decolorisation of reactive red 11 and 152 azo dyes under aerobic conditionsKodam, K M; Gawai, K R
Jul-2006Microbial degradation of melanoidins in distillery spent wash by an indigenous isolateChavan, M N; Kulkarni, M V; Zope, V P; Mahulikar, P P
Jul-2006Decolorisation of textile dyes by <i style="">Aspergillus ochraceus</i> (NCIM-1146)Saratale, G D; Kalme, S D; Govindwar, S P
Jul-2006Optimization of secondary hardening process of banana plantlets (<i style="">Musa paradisiaca </i>L<i style="">.</i> var. grand nain)Vasane, Shailesh R; Kothari, R M
Jul-2006Cholesterol biotransformation in monophasic systems by solvent tolerant <i style="">Bacillus subtilis</i> AF 333249Andhale, M S; Sambrani, S A
Jul-2006Purification and characterization of laundry detergent compatible alkaline protease from <i style="">Bacillus cereus</i>Banik, R M; Prakash, Monika
Jul-2006Selection of optimal growth medium for the synthesis of <img src='/image/spc_char/alpha.gif'> -galactosidase from mangrove actinomycetesAnisha, G S; Prema, P
Jul-2006Entrapment of lipase in polymer of polyvinyl alcohol-boric acid for esterification in organic mediaDave, Rachna; Madamwar, Datta
Jul-2006Esterification reactions catalysed by surfactant-coated <i style="">Rhizopus arrhizus </i>lipaseSasi, Preetha; Mehrotra, Rohit R; Debnath (Das), Mira
Jul-2006Characterization of chitinases from microorganisms isolated from Lonar lakeBansode, Vijay B; Bajekal, Shyam S
Jul-2006Purification and characterization of an endoxylanase from solid-state culture of alkalitolerant <i style="">Aspergillus fumigatus</i> MKU1Thiagarajan, S; Jeya, M; Gunasekaran, P
Jul-2006Production of tannase under mSSF and its application in fruit juice debitteringRout, S; Banerjee, R
Jul-2006Production of a high maltose-forming, hyperthermostable and Ca<sup>2+</sup>- independent amylopullulanase by an extreme thermophile <i style="">Geobacillus thermoleovorans</i> in submerged fermentationNoorwez, S M; Ezhilvannan, M; Satyanarayana, T
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27