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Fruit-NPR Vol.3(4) [July-August 2004]253-254
Oil/Fats and Paper/Pulp-NPR Vol.3(2) [March-April 2004]103
Dye and Food-NPR Vol.3(3) [May-June 2004]175
Dye-NPR Vol.3(4) [July-August 2004]250-251
Beverage-NPR Vol.3(4) [July-August 2004]249-250
Tissue Culture and Vegetable-NPR Vol.3(4) [July-August 2004]263
Food-NPR Vol.3(4) [July-August 2004]252-253
Recent studies on well-known spice, Piper longum Linn.Manoj, P; Soniya, E.V; Banerjee, N.S; Ravichandran, PNPR Vol.3(4) [July-August 2004]222-227
Fuel and Gum-NPR Vol.3(2) [March-April 2004]100
Apiphilic plants in agro-forestryGhosh, AshisNPR Vol.3(3) [May-June 2004]170