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Unani Tips-NPR Vol.1(5) [September-October 2002]44
Homoeopathy Tips-NPR Vol.1(6) [November-December 2002]28
Poultry-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]25
Therapeutics-NPR Vol.1(3) [May-June 2002]35-42
Condiment and Cosmetics-NPR Vol.1(6) [November-December 2002]17
Fruit-NPR Vol.1(3) [May-June 2002]30
Tissue Culture and Vegetable-NPR Vol.1(3) [May-June 2002]43
Dye-NPR Vol.1(6) [November-December 2002]18
Ayurvedic Tips-NPR Vol.1(4) [July-August 2002]35
Agrotechniques for cultivation of some HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINAL PLANTSRashmi, RajatNPR Vol.1(6) [November-December 2002]8-14