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Ayurvedic Tips-NPR Vol.1(3) [May-June 2002]45
Insecticidal potential of wild bean seed protein, arcelin-NPR Vol.2(5) [September-October 2003]243-245
Paper/pulp and Poultry-NPR Vol.2(5) [September-October 2003]263
Mineral and Oil/Fat-NPR Vol.2(1) [January-February 2003]29
Food-NPR Vol.2(2) [March-April 2003]79
Fibre Yielding Plants of India Genetic resources, perspective for collection and utilisationPandey, Anjula; Gupta, RitaNPR Vol.2(4) [July-August 2003]194-204
Natural Food Dye Annatto and its potential in international market-NPR Vol.2(2) [March-April 2003]72-75
Food-NPR Vol.1(6) [November-December 2002]19-20
Beverage-NPR Vol.1(5) [September-October 2002]27
Insecticide/Pesticide-NPR Vol.2(1) [January-February 2003]28