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Intraspecific chemical variability in essential oil of Cymbopogon distans (Nees ex Steud.) W.Watson from Uttarakhand Himalaya (India)Lohani, Hema; Bhandari, Ujjwal; Gwari, Garima; Haider, S Zafar; Sah, Sunil; Chauhan, Nirpendra KIJNPR Vol.6(2) [June 2015]122-126
Volatile constituents of endangered species Nardostachys grandiflora DC. rhizomes from Uttarakhand Himalaya (India)Purohit, Vijay Kant; Andola, Harish Chandra; Bahuguna, Y M; Gairola, Keshav Chandra; Haider, Syed Zafar; Arunachalam, KusumIJNPR Vol.6(2) [June 2015]134-137
Pre-distillation drying and its impact on aroma profile of Rosemary elite genotype (cv. ‘CIM-Hariyali’)Verma, Ram Swaroop; Chauhan, AmitIJNPR Vol.2(1) [March 2011]70-73
Cultivation prospects of German chamomile in South IndiaNidagundi, Rajeshwari; Hegde, LaxminarayanNPR Vol.6(2) [March-April 2007]135-137
Essential oils composition and antioxidant activity of water extract from seeds and fruit pulp of Skimmia anquetilia N.P. Taylor & Airy ShawPrakash, Om; Gondwal, Manjul; Pant, A KIJNPR Vol.2(4) [December 2011]435-441
Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of Leea indica (Burm. f.) Merr. flowersSrinivasan, G V; Sharanappa, P; Leela, N K; Sadashiva, C T; Vijayan, K KNPR Vol.8(5) [September-October 2009]488-493
Effect of spacing on the performance of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis Linn.) blue flowered genotype (NIC-23416) in mid hills of Uttarakhand under rainfed conditionsMishra, A C; Negi, K S; Shukla, H Y; Sharma, A KNPR Vol.8(5) [September-October 2009]528-531
Antifungal activity of essential oils of some Ocimum species collected from different locations of UttarakhandSethi, S; Prakash, Om; Chandra, M; Punetha, H; Pant, A KIJNPR Vol.4(4) [December 2013]392-397
Influence of integrated supply of vermicompost, biofertilizer and inorganic fertilizer on productivity and quality of rose scented geranium (Pelargonium species)Chand, Sukhmal; Pandey, Ankit; Anwar, Mohammed; Patra, Dharni DharIJNPR Vol.2(3) [September 2011]375-382
Essential oil composition and antioxidant activity of hydromethanolic extract from the flowers, leaves and stems of Callistemon citrinus (Curtis) SkeelsJamzad, Mina; Kazembakloo, Amineh; Dadkhah-Tehrani, Abolfazl; Rostami, FaribaIJNPR Vol.5(4) [December 2014]308-312