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Excimer Probe in the Study of Pyrene Solubilization by Fatty Acid (Capric, Lauric & Palmitic Acids) SoapsGupta, Debasish; Basu, SadhanIJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]549-552
Excess Free Energy of Binary Mixtures of n-Butylamine with Ethyl Alcohol & n-Propyl AlcoholChoudhury, M. K. DuttaIJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]553-556
Isothermal Diffusion Coefficients of H2O-LiCI-NaCI-KCI & DMSO-LiCI-NaCI-KCI SystemsBlokhra, R. L.; Sakhuja, (Miss) KeerjaIJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]557-560
Dissolution Potentials of Sodium & Potassium Chlorides, Bromides & Iodides & of Ammonium HalidesGirdhar, H. L.; Arora, A. J.; Matta, R. P.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]561-564
Faradaic Rectification Studies on Tl+-TP+ Redox Couple at the Platinum Electrode InterfaceAgarwal, H. P.; Qureshi, S.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]565-567
Behaviour of Thymoquinone & Its Derivatives at Dropping Mercury ElectrodeMalik, Wahid U.; Gupta, P. N.; Pal, RajIJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]568-570
Thermal Decomposition of UV-irradiated Barium AzideYoganarasimhan, S. R.; Jagga, C. R.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]571-574
OH Radical Rate Constants of Phenols Using p-NitrosodimethylanilineShetiya, R. S.; Rao, K. N.; Shankar, J.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]575-578
Ce(IV) Oxidation of Cyclopentanone, Cyclohexanone, Cycloheptanone, Cyc1ooctanone, Acetone, Butanone, Acetoacetic Ester & BenzoylacetonePanigrahi, G. P.; Misro, Prafulla K.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]579-582
Kinetics of Oxidation of Neutralized Glyoxylic & Pyruvic Acids by Alkaline Hexacyanoferrate(III)Gupta, Kalyan K. Sen; Sarkar, (Mrs) Tapati; Gupta, (Mrs) Shipra Sen; Chatterjee, Hriday R.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]583-585
Kinetics of Os(VIII)-catalysed Oxidation of Neutralized Glyoxylic & Pyruvic Acids by Alkaline Hexacyanoferrate(III)Gupta, Kalyan K. Sen; Gupta, (Mrs) Shipra Sen; Chatterjee, Hriday R.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]586-588
Complexes of Sn(IV) with Schiff Bases Derived from Salicylaldehyde/Acetylacetone & o-Aminophenol, o-Aminobenzothiol & o-Aminobenzoic Acid*Poddar, S. N.; Das, N. S.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]589-591
Mixed Metal & Polynuclear Complexes in Ti (IV)-Cu(II)-Tartrate SystemBiswas, S. P.; Krishnamoorthy, T. S.; Venkateswarlu, CH.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]592-595
Potentiometric Studies of, Complex Formation of Mn(II),Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) & Zn(II) with o-Hydroxyacetophenone Oxime & Its DerivativesIngle, D. B.; Khanolkar, D. D.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]596-598
Interhalogens as Oxidimetric Titrants: Part VIII* - Semimicro Determination of Some Thiourea Complexes Using Iodine MonochlorideNair, C. G. R.; Indrasenan, P.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]599-601
Binuclear Complexes Involving Quadridentate Schiff Bases of 3-FormylsaUcyUc AcidDey, K.; Maiti, R. K.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]602-603
Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Mixtures of Benzene with Cyclohexane & of TiCl4 with Benzene, Toluene & p-XyleneRastogi, PrashantIJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]604-605
Weak Interactions in Binary Mixtures of Chlorobenzene & Bromobenzene with o-, m- & p-XylenesNigam, R K.; Maini, N. N.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]605-607
Effective Debye Temperature of Liquids on the Basis of Quasi-crystalline StructurePandey, J. D.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]607-608
Limiting Apparent Molal Volume of KCI, NaCI, KBr & NaBr in Dioxane- Water Mixtures at Different TemperaturesMisra, P. P.; Das, N. C.; Das, P. B.IJC-A Vol.14A(08) [August 1976]608-609
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42