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Particle Diffusion Controlled Kinetics of Li+/H+, Na+/H+ & K+/H+ Exchanges on Dowex 50Wx8 in Acetone-Water MixturesNandan, Deoki; Gupta, A. R.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]75-77
Kinetics & Mechanism of Anation of. Aquopentaarnrninecobalt(III) by Carboxylate Ligands: Mechanism of Formation of Phthalatopentaamminecobalt(III) ComplexDash, A. C.; Ray, NityanandaIJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]78-81
Kinetics of V(V) Oxidation of Esters of Mandelic AcidSharma, S. L.; Shanker, R.; Bakore, G. V.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]82-84
Kinetics & Mechanism of Acid Permanganate Oxidation of CyclohexanoneMarigangaiah; Mathur, P. N.; Banerji, K. K.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]85-87
Kinetics of Reaction between Iodine & o-Chloromercuriphenol in Methanol, Ethanol, n-Propanol, Isopropanol, n-Butanol & n-PentanolYadav, P. L.; Ramakrishna, V.; Jha, N. K.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]88-90
Thermodynamic & Transport Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Fluoro-, Chloro-, Bromo-, & Iodoacetic, Propionic & Butyric AcidsKaulgud, M. V.; Pandya, G. H.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]91-93
Sorption of Water & Some Straight- & Branched-chain Aliphatic Alcohols by CaseinSethi, R. K.; Chopra, S. L.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]94-96
Force Constant, IR Absorption Frequency & Debye Temperature of Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Ag(I), TI(I) & Cu(I) Halide CrystalsThakur, K. P.; Thakur, L.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]97-99
Electronic Absorption Spectra & Hydrogen Bonding: Phenols with Piperazine, Dimethylpiperazine & 1,4-Diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octaneShah, S. B.; Murthy, A. S. K.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]100-103
Electronic Absorption Spectra & Hydrogen Bonding: Phenols with Dioxane, Ethyl Acetate & '3 Few Tertiary AminesShah, S. B.; Murthy, A. S. N.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]104-106
Catalyst Systems Derived from Transition Metal Acetylacetonates for the Hydrogenation of AromaticsMurugesan, N.; Sarkar, S.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]107-111
Polarographic Study of Cd(II) Complexes of Mono-, Di-, Tri-isopropanolamines & N-HydroxyethylethylenediamineRustagi, S. C.; Rao, G. N.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]112-114
Interhalogens as Oxidimetric Titrants: Part VI* - Oxidimetric Determinations with Bromine MonochlorideNair, C. G. R.; Kumari, (Miss) R. LalithaIJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]115-117
Spectrophotometric Determination of Dissociation Constants of 3-Mercuri-5-sulphosalicylic Acid & Stability Constant of Its Fe(III) ComplexChattopadhyaya, M. C.; Singh, R. S.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]118-121
Aqueous Solutions of Glucose & Sucrose as ActinometersDatta, R. K.; Rao, K. N.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]122-123
Effect of Surfactants on the Fluorescence Intensity of 9,10-DiphenylanthraceneKapoor, R. C.; Mishra, V. N.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]123-124
Micellization of Cobalt Hexamrnine Soaps in Methanol-Benzene MixtureMalik, Wahid U.; Jain, Ajay K.; Siddiqui, (Miss) Muzyan JahanIJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]124-125
Ionization Constants of Some Hydroxycoumarins in Dioxane-Water & Ethanol- Water MediaParuthi, H. K.; Tyagi, J. S.; Taneja, A. D.; Prasad, C. S. G.IJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]126-127
Ion-Solvent Interaction in Propylene Carbonate from Conductivity DataSingh, Sudha; Jha, J. S.; Gopal, RamIJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]127-129
Conductance of Hydrogen Halides in Diethylene Glycol at Different TemperaturesKalidas, C.; Rao, V. SrinivasIJC-A Vol.14A(02) [February 1976]129-131
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31