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Translational & Rotational Perturbation of π-Electron System in BenzeneBasu, Sadhan; Sen, PurnendranathIJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]161-162
Oscillatory Chemical Reactions - Mechanism of Belousov-Zhabotinskii ReactionRastogi, R. P.; Rastogi, Prashant; Kumar, AshwiniIJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]163-169
Electrokinetic Studies on Ion Exchange Membranes: pat II-Electro-osmotic Permeation & Pressures of Methanol, Ethanol & Alcohol-Water Mixtures Across Cationic Form of Zeokarb 226Rastogi, R. P.; Singh, Kehar; Singh, JhulanIJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]170-173
Thermochemical Studies of Partially Miscible Liquid Pairs of Furfural with n-Hexane & n- HeptaneLakhanpal, M. L.; Gupta, (Miss) Sushma; Lal, Gurcharan; Mandal, H. G.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]174-176
Ion-Pair Formation Studies: Part II*- Association Constants & Thermodynamic Parameters of Ion-Pairs NaS2O , LiS2O , AgS2O, CuS2O8 & CoS2O8Ananthaswamy, J.; Sethuram, B.; Rao, T. NavaneethIJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]177-180
Effects of Halide Ions on the Anodic Reactions at GermaniumGupta, A. N.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]181-183
Kinetics & Mechanism of Polarographic Reduction of Phloxin NJha, S. K.; Jha, S.; Khatri, J. C.; Singh, M.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]184-188
Influence of Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl & n-Butyl Alcohols on the Stability of Oil-Water EmulsionsSharma, M. K.; Jha, S. K.; Srivastava, S. N.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]189-191
High Temperature Behaviour of Strontium UranatesMathews, M. D.; Momin, A. C.; Karkhanavala, M. D.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]192-197
Study of the Reaction Mn(c)+AlCl(g)=MnCl(g)+Al(l)*Kulkarni, M. P.; Dadape, V. V.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]198-201
Catalytic Decomposition of Formic Acid on Zinc MolybdateVaradarajan, T. K.; Viswanathan, B.; Sastri, M. V. C.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]202-204
Catalytic Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide on Spinel Type Ferrites : Kinetic CharacteristicsKrishnamurthy, K. R.; Viswanathan, B.; Sastri, M. V. C.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]205-209
Physico-chemical Properties of Bismuth Pyrovanadate CatalystSinhamahapatra, P. K.; Bhattacharyya, S. K.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]210-212
Chlorosulphuric Acid as a Non-aqueous Solvent: Part IX - Behaviour of Various Esters, Alcohols & Ketones in Chlorosulphuric AcidPaul, R. C.; Konwer, D.; Dhillon, D. S.; Puri, J. K.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]213-216
Aquation of Coordinated Chlorides in cis-ɑ & cis-β Dichloro(triethylenetetramine) Co(III) ChloridesSatyal, (Smt) S. H.; Venkateswarlu, K. S.; Shankar, J.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]217-219
A Generalized Treatment for the Kinetics of Two Consecutive Irreversible Second Order Reactions: Kinetics of Hydrolysis of Di-n-butyl PhthalateKhan, M. Niyaz; Khan, A. AzizIJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]220-225
Evaluation of Composition of a Complex by Logarithmic Analysis of the Last Section of Colour Saturation CurveIyer, H. Parasurama; Ramanathan, P. S.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]226-229
Formation Constants of UO & VO2+ Chelates of Salicylhydroxamic Acid & Its DerivativesDeshpande, Ratnakar G.; Jahagirdar, D. V.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]230-232
Ti(IV) Complexes with Cinnamohydroxamic Acid & Its Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination in Trace AmountsBag, Saswati P.; Khastagir, Anup K.IJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]233-235
Proton Magnetic Resonance Studies on the Interaction of DDT with IndolesSahai, RamIJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]236-237
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 35