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Binding of Water & Organic Liquid Components (Ethyl Alcohol, Methyl Alcohol, Propyl Alcohol, Formic Acid, Acetone, Pyridine & Glycerol) at Interface & the Gibbs Surface ExcessChattoraj, D. K.; Moulik, S. P.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]73-79
Cationic Transport Numbers of Potassium Iodide & Solvation of Ions in N,N'-Dimethylformamide & Propylene CarbonateGopal, Ram; Jha, J. S.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]80-83
Conductivity of Highly Concentrated Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions: Ammonium Nitrate-Water SystemSharma, R. C.; Gaur, H. C.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]84-87
Characteristics of Anodic Film on Aluminium in Borate BathSoman, S. V.; Salgaonkar, D. P.; Manjrekar, S. K.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]88-91
Anodic Oxide Films & Related Properties on Superpurity AluminiumNigam, R. K.; Kapoor, R.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]92-95
Electrochemical Oxidation of p-Chloroaniline at a Platinum ElectrodeReddy, S. Jayarama; Krishnan, V. R.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]96-99
Isotope Exchange Reaction Between As(V) & As(III) In Acid MediumArnikar, H. J.; Dedgaonkar, V. G.; Barve, (Miss) M. S.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]100-102
Reaction Between Copper Sulphide & Sulphur TrioxideNair, K. Ravindran; Murthy, A. R. VasudevaIJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]103-104
Catalytic Activity of Tungstate & Molybdate Ions In the Epoxidation of Maleic AcidBeg, M. Aijaz; Ahmad, IftikharIJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]105-107
Kinetics of Oxidation of Hypophosphite Ion by Alkaline Hexacyanoferrate(III) Catalysed by Os(VIII)Sengupta, Kalyan K.; Basu, BiswanathIJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]108-110
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Propane-1,2-diol & Butane-2,3-diol by Hexacyanoferrate(III) in Aqueous Alkaline MediumSingh, H. S.; Singh, V. P.; Singh, J. M.; Srivastava, P. N.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]111-114
Oxidation of Hydrazine, Phenylhydrazine & Substituted henylhydrazines by Thallium (III) - Substituent Effects & MechanismSrinivasan, V. S.; Venkatasubramanian, N.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]115-117
Protonation of p- & m-Nitroanilinium Ions Diethylene Glycol-Water MixturesRao, V. Srinivas; Kalidas, C.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]118-120
Preparation & Nature of Complexes of Trichlorotin(IV) Ethoxide with Oxygen & Nitrogen DonorsPaul, R. C.; Singh, Harinder; Chadha, S. L.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]121-122
On the Nature of Triphenylselenonium ChloridePaul, R. C.; Kapoor, B. K.; Bhasin, K. K.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]123-125
Reaction of Some Ambident Nucleophiles, Thiourea, Substituted Thioureas, Biuret & Oxamide with Uranyl Nitrate & Chloride & Isolation of Some Novel AdductsBhattacharyya, R. G.; Doloi, N. C.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]126-128
Studies in Some Mixed Ligand Complexes: Part III- Mixed Ligand Complexes of Cu(II) with 2-Hydroxy- & 2-Hydroxy-3-methylacetophenones as Primary Ligands & Acetylacetone as Secondary LigandDoraswamy, Uma; Bhattacharya, P. K.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]129-131
Mixed Ligand Complexes of Cu(II) & Ni(II) with Salicylaldehyde & 2-Hydroxy-, 2-Hydroxy-4-methyl- & 2-Hydroxy-5-methyl-benzophenones & Their Reaction with Amines*Kumar, V. B. Mohan; Bhattacharya, P. K.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]132-134
Thermodynamics of Morpholine Complexes of Co(II), Cu(II) & Zn(II) Fluoborates-A Study in Solid PhaseBhattacharya, G. C.; Chatterji, AmitavaIJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]135-137
Stepwise Stability Constants of La(III), Ce(III), Pr(III), Nd(III), Sm(III), Gd(III), Dy(III), Ro(III), Er(III), Tm(III), Yb(III), Lu(III) & Y(III) Complexes with Oximidobenzotetronic AcidManku, G. S.; Bhat, A. N.IJC-A Vol.15A(02) [February 1977]138-140
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 35