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Electrokinetic Studies on Ion Exchange Membranes: pat II-Electro-osmotic Permeation & Pressures of Methanol, Ethanol & Alcohol-Water Mixtures Across Cationic Form of Zeokarb 226Rastogi, R. P.; Singh, Kehar; Singh, JhulanIJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]170-173
Oscillatory Chemical Reactions - Mechanism of Belousov-Zhabotinskii ReactionRastogi, R. P.; Rastogi, Prashant; Kumar, AshwiniIJC-A Vol.15A(03) [March 1977]163-169
Kinetics of Heterogeneous Reaction between o-Toluidine Nitrate & Red Fuming Nitric AcidRastogi, R. P.; Singh, H. J.; Kishore, KaushalIJC-A Vol.15A(04) [April 1977]291-294
Nucleation Phenomenon in Oscillatory ReactionsRastogi, R. P.; Singh, K.; Rastogi, P.; Rai, R. B.IJC-A Vol.15A(04) [April 1977]295-297
Thermodynamic Properties of Ternary Mixtures: Part III-Excess Volumes of Mixing of Ternary Mixtures of Tetrachloroethylene + Benzene [Toluene/p-Xylene/Carbon Tetrachloride) + CyclohexaneRastogi, R. P.; Jagannath; Singh, Bhagirathi; Das, S. S.IJC-A Vol.15A(11) [November 1977]1011-1013
Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction with Acetone- Tartaric Acid & Acetone-Mandelic Acid as Organic SubstratesRastogi, R. P.; Yadav, K. D. S.; Rastogi, P.IJC-A Vol.15A(04) [April 1977]338-339
Role of Carbonates of Ca(II), Ba(II) & Sr(II) & of Calcium Oxide as Burning Rate Inhibitors for Composite Solid Propellants (Polystyrene +Ammonium Perchlorate)Rastogi, R. P.; Singh, Gurdip; Singh, Ram RajIJC-A Vol.15A(10) [October 1977]845-848
Solid State Chemistry of Thallous MolybdateRastogi, R. P.; Dubey, B. L.; (Mrs) Lakshmi; Das, IshwarIJC-A Vol.15A(10) [October 1977]849-851
Organic Solid State Reactions: Part II- Kinetics of 8-Hydroxyquinoline with Maleic Anhydride, Succinic Anhydride, Phthalic Anhydride, Catechol & ResorcinolRastogi, R. P.; Singh, N. B.; Singh, R. P.IJC-A Vol.15A(11) [November 1977]941-946
Zone Melting Studies of Organic Eutectic Mixtures: Naphthalene-Catechol & Naphthalene-p-Chloronitrobenzene SystemsRastogi, R. P.; Singh, N. R.; Singh, Narsingh BahadurIJC-A Vol.15A(09) [September 1977]819-820