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Antimicrofouling activity of Calotropis gigantea (L). R. Br.Suresh, E.; Sureshkumar, P.IJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1843-1848
Haematological variables of Oreochromis mossambicus against Aeromonas hydrophila infection by using dissimilar types of gaumutra distillatePraveena, Varadhan; Vinitha, Ravichandiran; Venkatalakshmi, SournamanickamIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1849-1854
Evaluation of the antibacterial activities of skin mucus from Asian swamp eel (Monopterusalbus)Hilles, Ayah Rebhi; Mahmood, Syed; Hashim, RidzwanIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1855-1859
First record of Coelastrella vacuolata (Chlorophyta: Scenedesmaceae) in Tuticorin coast, Gulf of MannarSenthil, S. Lakshmana; Suja, C.P.; Anantharaman, P.; Kannan, K.; Kathiresan, S.IJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1860-1863
Genetic Evidence for two undescribed species previously considered as Sillago sihama from Persian GulfFateh, Elaheh; Oujifard, Amin; Shadi, Ahmad; Hoseini, Seyyed JavadIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1864-1869
Life History and Population Dynamics of Tenualosa ilisha of Sundarban Estuary in Bay of Bengal, India for Sustainable Fishery ManagementDutta, Sachinandan; Chakraborty, Kunal; Hazra, SugataIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1870-1880
Bioaccumulation of heavy metals (Cd, Pb, and Hg) in wawo worms (Polychaeta, Annelida) from Ambon Coastal Waters, IndonesiaLiline, Sintje; Rumahlatu, DominggusIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1881-1887
Stock structure analysis of Nemipterus bipunctatus (Valenciennes, 1830) from three locations along the Indian coastVaisakh, G.; Chakraborty, S.K.; Jaiswar, A. K.; Mol, Sibina S.; Renjith, R. K.; Sreekanth, G. B.IJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1888-1895
Cultivation and characteristics of the Marine Actinobacteria from the Sea water of Alang, BhavnagarSheikh, Mahejbin; Rathore, Dalip Singh; Gohel, Sangeeta; Singh, Satya P.IJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1896-1901
Bacterial community analysis of sediment seep in Kagoshima Bay, JapanPatra, Ajit Kumar; Cho, Hyun Hee; Kwon, Yong Min; Kwon, Kae Kyoung; Kim, Sang-JinIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1902-1906
Plankton and aquatic insect biodiversity in the Sarbaz River, Southeastern IranSinaei, Mahmood; Loghmani, MehranIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1907-1915
Monitoring Changes in Vegetation Cover of Bhitarkanika Marine National Park Region, Odisha, India Using Vegetation Indices of Multidate Satellite DataThakur, R.R.; Kumar, P.; Palria, S.IJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1916-1924
Total mercury and methylmercury in commercial marine species from the Goa coast: Constraints on risk assessment and environmental issuesRay, Durbar; Roy, Arpita; Bhat, Mithila; Fernandes, Charmaine L.IJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1925-1932
Development of CCME WQI model for the groundwater appraisal for drinking in Basaltic terrain of Kadava River basin, Nashik, IndiaWagh, Vasant; Mukate, Shrikant; Panaskar, Dipak; Sahu, Uday; Aamalawar, Manesh; Muley, Aniket; Lolage, YogeshIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1933-1940
Numerical simulation research on ecological protection device for marine water intake engineering based on cfdLi, M.C.; Dai, M.X.; Zou, B.; Zhou, B.; Liang, S.X.; Sun, Z.C.; Si, Q.IJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1941-1948
Voltage stability maximization based optimal network reconfiguration in distribution networks using integrated particle swarm optimization for marine power applicationsRawat, Mahiraj Singh; Vadhera, ShellyIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1949-1956
Significant wave height forecasting based on the hybrid EMD-SVM methodZhao, Kaixin; Wang, JichaoIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1957-1962
Design & analysis of improved bus-tied photovoltaic system for marine shipsDhiman, Sourav; Nijhawan, ParagIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1963-1970
Indian Ocean moisture flux variations during summer monsoon and its relation with Indian rainfallSubrahmanyam, M.V.; Pushpanjali, B.IJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1971-1977
Numerical simulations of oceanographic characteristics of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman using ROMS modelLayeghi, Behzad; Bidokhti, A. Ali Akbari; Ghader, Sarmad; Azadi, MajidIJMS Vol.48(12) [December 2019]1978-1989
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22