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Interaction of Binary Mixtures of Associated Liquids (Glycerol-Water System)Moulik, S. P.; Basu, DiptiIJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]815-820
Application of Significant Liquid Structure Theory to the Mixture Viscosity of Apolar-Apolar & Polar-Apolar Binary Liquid SystemsSingh, R. Pratap; Sinha, C. P.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]821-825
Dipole Moment Study of Molecular Interactions in Solution: Molecular Interactions between Polar Solutes (Acrylonitrile, Acetone & Acetaldehyde) & Nonpolar Aromatics (Benzene, p-Xylene & Mesitylene)Yadava, R. R.; Yadava, S. S.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]826-829
Spectrophotometric Methods in the Determination of Acidity of SolidsUma, V.; Subrahmanyam, M.; Kuriacose, J. C.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]830-833
Frequency Assignment & Normal Coordinate Analysis of δ-Thiovalerolactam & Its Seleno AnalogueDwarkanath, K.; Sathyanarayana, D. N.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]834-838
PMR Investigation of Hindered Group Reorientation in Sulphanilic AcidMishra, S. C.; Bajpai, S. C.; Gupta, R. C.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]839-841
Organoboron Compounds: Part III - Preparative & Spectroscopic Studies of Some New 2-Iminoxy-4,4,6-trimethyl-I,3,2-dioxaborinanesSingh, A.; Mehrotra, R. C.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]842-845
Asymmetric Ambidentate Coordination in (Isonitroso-β-keto-N-alkylimino) (isonitroso- β-ketoimino)nickel (II) ComplexesIyengar, R. R.; Patel, C. C.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]846-850
Intra-ligand Chelate Linkage Isomerism of the Isonitroso Group in Ni(II), Cu(II) & Pd(II) Complexes of Tetradentate Schiff BasesDixit, K. S.; Sudha, (Miss) B. P.; Patel, C. C.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]851-855
Coordination Properties of Monothiobenzoate Ion with Fe(II), Pd(II), VO(IV), UO2(VI) & Sn(II) & Reactions of Nickel(II) ComplexSudha, (Miss) B. P.; Dixit, N. S.; Patel, C. C.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]856-858
Studies on Nitrido Complexes of Osmium(VI) with N-Heterocyclic BasesSen, D.; Ta, N. C.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]859-861
Complexes of Cd(II), Zn(II), Mg(II) & Al(III) Halides with Biguanides & N'-AmidinoisoureasSaha, Chitta R.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]862-864
Physicochemical Studies on the Complexes of Dioxouranium (VI) with NeocupferronKundu, P. C.; Bera, A. K.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]865-867
Kinetics & Mechanism of Formation of Cr(III)-EDTA Complexes from Hexaamminechromium(III)Cation & EDTAAnipindi, N. R.; Ramam, V. A.; Sastri, M. N.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]868-870
Kinetics & Mechanism of Acid Hydrolysis of Glyoxylato- & Pyruvato-pentaamminecobalt(III) IonsMishra, A.; Nanda, R. K.; Mohanty, N. K.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]871-874
Kinetics of N-Bromosuccinimide Oxidation of Cyclooctanone in Acid MediaSingh, Kameshwar; Pandey, Lalji; Mushran, S. P.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]875-877
Kinetics & Mechanism of Reduction of Aromatic Aldehydes by Cr(II) Salts in Acid MediumReddy, B. Siva Rami; Rajam, (Mrs) S.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]878-881
Kinetics of Iodination of Aniline & Substituted Anilines In Aqueous Dimethylsulphoxide & DimethylformamideRadhakrishnamurti, P. S.; Janardhana, Ch.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]881-883
Kinetics & Mechanism of Chlorination of Phenol & Substituted Phenols by Peroxydisulphate & Chloride IonsRadhakrishnamurti, P. S.; Sasmal, B. M.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]884-886
Kinetics of Oxidation of Xylenes by Ceric Ammonium Nitrate in Acetic Acid-Water MixturesKulandaivel, R.; Narasimhan, S.; Sundaram, S.; Venkatasubramanian, N.IJC-A Vol.16A(10) [October 1978]887-889
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37