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Mono- & Bi-dentate Amine Adducts of Salicylideneglycinato- & Salicylideneanthranilato-copper(II)Das, Rebati C.; Mishra, Mihir K.; Mohanty, Sangram K.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]170-172
Spectral & Magnetic Studies on Nickel(II) Complexes with p-Diethylaminoanil of PhenylglyoxalSaxena, R. C.; Jain, C. L.; Rastogi, S. C.; Verma, H. S.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]167-168
Nitro, Nitrito & Nitrato Derivatives of Dicyclopentadienyl- & Bisindenyl-titanium(IV) DichloridesArora, R. S.; Bhalla, M. S.; Multani, R. K.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]169-170
Solubility of Cobaltous Oxide in Different Buffers & Sodium Hydroxide Solutions & Amphoteric Properties of Cobaltous HydroxideEl-Ghandour, M. F. M.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]160-161
Thiocarboxylato Derivatives of (Dicyclopentadienyl)(dichloro)(oxy)- molybdenum(VI)Hari, S. C.; Bhalla, M. S.; Multani, R. K.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]168-169
Monothiodiacetamide Complexes with Ni(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) & Hg(II) ChloridesGeetharani, K.; Sathyanarayana, D. N.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]165-167
Studies on Molecular Adducts of Organotin Halides with Urea & TetramethylureaSrivastava, T. N.; Bajpai, Beena; Srivastava, P. C.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]164-165
Structural Studies in the System (Li0.5Ln0.5)TiO3*Patil, P. V.; Chincholkar, V. S.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]161-162
Emission Spectra of Isomeric TrifluoromethylbenzonitrilesPadhye, M. R.; Raghavendra, V.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]162-164
Contact Interactions in Ethyl Acetate & Hydrocarbon MixturesDeshpande, D. D.; Prabhu, C. S.IJC-A Vol.16A(02) [February 1978]95-98