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Title: Synthesis and pharmacological studies of some phthalimidoxy substituted spiro-thiazolidinone derivatives of isatin
Authors: Bhambi, Dinesh
Sharma, Chirag
Sharma, Shweta
Salvi, Vijay Kumar
Talesara, G L
Keywords: Pyrazoline;isatin;spiro-thiazolidinone;bromoethoxyphthalimide
Issue Date: Jul-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Novel spiro-isatin-thiazolidino-pyrazoline compounds containing alkoxyphthalimide moiety have been synthesized through a four step pathway starting from chalcone 1a-e. Cyclization of these with hydrazine hydrate in absolute ethanol have yielded 1-acetyl-3-(4-aminophenyl)-5-(4-substituted phenyl)-2-pyrazoline 2a-e. Acid catalyzed condensation of 2a-e with isatin 3 has yielded 3-[4-{1-acetyl-5-(4-substituted phenyl)-2-pyrazoline-3-yl}phenylimino]indole-2-one 4a-e. These Schiff bases on reaction with mercaptoacetic acid in presence of anhydrous ZnCl2 gave their corresponding spiro-thiazolidinone derivatives 5a-e. Subsequent treatment with bromoethoxyphthalimide yielded titled compounds 3'-{4-(1-acetyl-5-(4-substituted phenyl)-2-pyrazoline-3-yl)phenyl}-1-N-ethoxyphthalimido-4'H-spiro[indole-3,2'-[1,3]thiazolidene]-2,4'-1H-dione 6a-e.
Page(s): 1006-1012
ISSN: 0975-0983 (Online); 0376-4699 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-B Vol.48B(07) [July 2009]

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