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Superstructures, Ordered Defects & Nonstoichiometry in Metal Oxides of Perovskite & Related StructuresRao, C N R; Gopalakrishnan, J; Vidyasagar, KIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]265-284
Bonding in Triatomic Interhalogen IonsBhattacharjee, S; Sannigrahi, A BIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]285-291
Charge Transfer Satellites in X-Ray Photoelectron Spectra of Lanthanum CompoundsKamath, P Vishnu; Sarma, D DIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]292-294
Electroluminescence of Manganese Doped Zinc Pyrophosphate PhosphorsDeshmukh, S N; Ambardekar, D SIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]295-299
Preparation, Characterization & Thermal Decomposition of Lithium Oxomolybdenum(VI) OxalateGoel, S P; Mehrotra, P NIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]300-302
Thermodynamic Functions, Structure & Mechanism of Crystallization of Binary Eutectic System, Benzoic Acid + BenzamideSharma, B L; Bassi, P SIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]303-307
Effect of Some Water Soluble & Insoluble Amphiphilic Additives on Counterion Association of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate MicellesJain, Ajay K; Velu, V K; Singh, R P BIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]308-311
Kinetics & Mechanism of Acid, Base & Mercury(II) Ion Catalyzed Hydrolyses of cis-(Isothiocyanato)bis(ethylenediamine)(imidazole)cobalt(III) & cis-(Azido)bis(ethylenediamine)imidazole)cobalt(III) CationsDash, Anadi C; Mohanty, Brundaban; Mohapatra, Suresh KIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]312-320
Kinetics of Hydrolysis of Mono 6-Bromo-2,4-dichlorophenyl Phosphate In Acidic & Alkaline MediaGupta, H M; Prabha, SIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]321-324
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Dimethyl Sulphoxide by Bromamine-T in Aqueous SolutionMahadevappa, D S; Madegowda, (Late) M B; Ananda, S; Rangappa, K SIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]325-328
Spectrophotometric Study of Some Praseodymium(III) Schiff Base ComplexesJoshi, G K; Singh, Megh; Misra, Sudhindra NIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]329-331
Synthesis & Characterization of 1-Phenyl-3-thiobenzoylthiourea Complexes with Some Bivalent Metal IonsSingh, B; Yadava, B P; Aggarwal, R CIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]332-335
Studies of Some Ternary Complexes of Copper(II) Involving 2,2'-Bipyridyl as a Primary LigandRavinder, V; Venkatnarayana, G; Rao, B V Mrudula; Swamy, S J; Lingaiah, PIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]336-338
Studies of Oxidic Spinel System ZnMnCrO4- CoMnCrO4 Synthesized Using Two Different MethodsMulla, B A; Jain, P S; Deshpande, K A; Darshane, V SIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]339-341
Formation of Silver Selenide in the Solid State & Its Reactivity with CuSe(s)Sharma, I B; Gupta, R K; Bassi, P SIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]342-344
Preparation & Characterization of Double Arsenates of Thorium & Monovalent MetalsNamboodiri, P N; Deshpande, V V; Venkateswarlu, K SIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]345-347
Lewis Acid Character of Naphthoxides of Titanium (IV)Malhotra, K C; Mahajan, K C; Chaudhry, S CIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]348-349
Monothio-β-diketonates of Indium (III)Singh, Yash Pal; Rai, A KIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]350-351
Second Dissociation Constant of Thymolsulfonphthalein in Alkaline Range in Ethylene Glycol-Water MediaDe, A LIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]352-354
Complex Formation of N-[Tris(hydroxymethyl)methyl] glycine with Copper(II) & Zinc(II)Kishan, Jai; Kapoor, R CIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]355-356
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22