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Application of HSAB Principle in the Study of Complexation & Structure-Activity Correlation of Phenoxyacetic Acid HerbicidesSahai, R; Kushwaha, S S SIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]1-7
Multidentate Ligand Substitution Kinetics: Reaction of Triethylenetetraminenickel(II) Complex with Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic AcidBajaj, H C; Nigam, P CIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]8-10
Copper & Silver Catalysed Oxidation of Oxalatopentaamminecobalt(III) by Potassium PeroxydisulphateDash, Anadi C; Nanda, Rabindra K; Mohanty, PrakashIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]11-13
Mechanisms of Acid Catalyzed Dissociation of Trisbenzoylacetonatocobalt(III) in Acetone-WaterChakravarty, Biswanath; Modak, SudiptaIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]14-16
Oxidation of α-Aminoacids with Sodium N-Bromobenzenesulphonamide: A Kinetic StudyMahadevappa, D S; Ananda, S; Murthy, A S A; Rangappa, K SIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]17-20
Complexing Behaviour of N-Sulphinylaniline: Complexes of Mn(II), Fe(II), Ru(II), Co(I), Rh(I), Ni(0), Pd(0), Pt(0), Cu(I) & Ag(I)Arulsamy, K S; Ashok, R F N; Agarwala, U CIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]21-25
Binuclear Copper(II) & Coba1t(II) Complexes of Tetradentate Schiff Base LigandsZacharias, P S; Elizabathe, J Mary; Ramachandraiah, AIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]26-29
Complexes of Nickel(II), Cobalt(II), Copper(II), Magnesium(II), Zinc(II), Cadmium(II), Mercury(II), Tin(IV) & Dioxouranium(VI) with 2-Benzoylpyridine Benzoylhydrazone & 2-Benzoylpyridine SalicyloylhydrazoneDutta, R L; Hossain, Md MunkirIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]30-32
Studies on the NaX Zeolite & Its Scandium Substituted FormsGhoneim, F B; Khalil, F H; El-Wakil, H AIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]33-36
Investigations on Aqueous & Methanolic Solutions of Benzyl Alcohol Using Derivative Spectrophotometry in UV RegionRamanathan, P S; Sarang, V SIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]37-42
Electrolytic Behaviour of Acetylcholine Halides & Perchlorate in Aqueous SolutionsEl-Hammamy, N H; Amira, M F; El-Enein, S A Abou; El-Halim, F M AbdIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]43-47
Spectrophotometric Determination of Silver Based on Its Ligand Exchange Reaction with Hexacyanoferrate(II) in Presence of 2,2'-BipyridylReddy, B Rajeswara; Raman, SarojaIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]48-51
Paper Chromatographic Separation of Copper(II), Nickel(II), Palladium(II) & Iron(III) as Their 2' -Hydroxy-4-methoxy-5' -methylchalkone Oxime ChelatesDeshmukh, Balasaheb KIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]52-54
Preliminary Results of a Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Potassium BromideWadi, Ramesh K; Shukla, Arvind KIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]55-57
PMR Studies on Frozen Saturated Aliphatic PolyaminesReddy, K V G; Chary, K V R; Sastry, B A; Ponticelli, G; Massacesi, MIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]58-59
Studies in Nucleophilic Substitutions: Part I-Reactions between Phenylmethylcarbinols & Hydrobromic Acid & Structure-Reactivity AnalysisRamakrishnan, S; Venkatasubramanian, NIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]60-62
Reaction of Disulphur Monoxide with Silicon TetrafluoridePadma, D K; Iyengar, AshaIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]63-64
Proton Magnetic Resonance & Infrared Studies of Interaction of Boron Trihalides & PropionitrileTandon, S KIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]65-66
Nitrosyl Derivatives of Potassium PentacyanocobaltateAgarwal, H P; Sharma, S BIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]67-69
Preparation & Characterization of Mononuclear Oxohalomolybdenum(V) ComplexesVasanthi, S; Nagaraja, K SIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]70-71
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27