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Adsorption of cadmium Ions from aqueous solution using different adsorbentsMeena, Ajay Kumar; Mishra, G. K.; Kumar, Satish; Rajagopal, Chitra; Nagar, P NJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]410-416
Effect of drying methods on rehydration kinetics of potato slicesGhosh, U; Gangopadhyay, HJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]452-457
Secretion of -L-rhamnosidase by some indigenous fungal strainsYadav, Sarita; Yadav, K D SJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]439-443
Development of specialty papers is an art: Dark brown Turkish umber (DBTU) from indigenous raw materials─Part XIDutt, Dharm; Ray, A K; Tyagi, C H; Singh, VikramJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]425-428
Respiratory tract contamination with selected toxic elements in a slag based cement plant environment in central India-A need of global concernSharma, Rajnikant; Pervez, ShamshJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]462-465
Electrochemical treatment of effluents from textile and dyeing industriesJain, Rajeev; Sharma, Nidhi; Bhargava, MeenakshiJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]405-409
An optimal sequencing approach for job-shop production Srinivas, J; Subbaiah, K V; Mouli, K V V ChandraJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]458-461
Jute caddies—A potential raw material for hand-made paperGanguly, P K; Bhaduri, S K; Day, AJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]417-419
Development of specialty paper is an art: Titanium dioxide loaded poster from indigenous raw material – Part XDutt, Dharm; Tyagi, C H; Malik, R S; Upadhyaya, J SJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]420-424
Lysimeteric approach for ground water pollution control from pulp and paper mill effluent using different soil texturesKumar, A; Singhal, V; Joshi, B D; Rai, J P NJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]429-438