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Effect of organic fuels on catalytic properties of La₀․₈Sr₀․₂CoO₃ with large surface areaLiu, Wei; Laitao; Wu, YuehuiIJCA Vol.47A(2) [February 2008]194-198
Calix[6]arene derivative as chromogenic sensor for anti-hypertensive drugsMenon, S K; Jose, P; Harikrishnan, U; Pal, UIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]246-250
Determination of pKa of ammonium and phenolic groups: Evidence of intramolecular hydrogen bonding in aqueous solutionSim, Yoke-Leng; Ahmad, Wan Hamdah Wan; Ariffin, Azhar; Khan, M NiyazIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]240-245
Computational studies and reactivity of nucleophiles in benzylation reactionsReddy, S Ranga; Kalyani, P; Rao, B Rajeswara; Manikyamba, PIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]236-239
Oscillation parameters of mixed substrate system containing DL-malic acid and maleic acid in sulfuric acid mediumKumar, D; Sinha, A; Upadhyay, R NIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]232-235
Synthesis and characterization of bulky aryloxides of germanium(IV) and tin(IV)Jindal, Manju (neé Goyal); Singh, AnirudhIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]228-231
Symmetry of dimanganese decacarbonyl with D₄d point groupGholami, Ahmad; Ashrafi, RezaIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]225-227
Energy and Estrada index of phenylenesFurtula, Boris; Gutman, IvanIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]220-224
Template synthesis of Cu(II), Co(II), Fe(III), Mn(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) complexes of 2-aminophenol in presence of 4-benzyloxybenzaldehyde and 2-butenalHowlader, M B H; Hossain, M B; Akhter, NIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]214-219
Syntheses, spectroscopic studies, crystal structure and complexation reactions of N- (2 or 4-hydroxylphenyl) benzaldimineDe, Rajib Lal; Mandal, Mahuya; Roy, Lovely; Mukherjee, JaydeepIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]207-213
Electronic parameters of aliphatic hydrazides with AM1 and PM3 HamiltoniansSuryanarayana, I; Ramam, V Ananta; Prasad, K M M Krishna; Rao, R SambasivaIJCA Vol.47A(2) [February 2008]199-206
Palladium catalysts doped in CexZr₁-xO₂ washcoated monoliths for toluene combustionZhang, Qingbao; Zhao, Leihong; Teng, Botao; Luo, Mengfei; Xie, Yunlong; Yue, LeiIJCA Vol.47A(2) [February 2008]186-193
Synthesis and characterization of Al-HMS catalysts and their application for t-butylation of tolueneYu, Weihua; Zhou, Chunhui; Lü, Deyi; Zhang, Bo; Xu, XiangshengIJCA Vol.47A(2) [February 2008]181-185
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13