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Title: Purification of phycobiliproteins from Nostoc muscorum
Authors: Ranjitha, K
Kaushik, B D
Keywords: Nostoc muscorum;Phycobiliproteins;Phycoerythrin;Phycocyanin;Allophycocyanin
Issue Date: May-2005
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: C 12 N 1/12
Abstract: Purification of phycobiliproteins from phycoerythrin (PE) rich strain of Nostoc muscorum was carried out. Salting out with 55 % (NH4)2SO4 precipitates >80 % of each class of phycobiliprotein. Chromatography on DEAE cellulose-52 column gives pure PE (A562/A280 = 8.12), while rechromatography of the blue coloured fraction from this column using a hydroxy apatite column yields pure phycocyanin (PC) (A615/A280 = 3.89). SDS-PAGE analysis of purified PE and PC yields two polypeptides (~19.4 and 16.9 kDa). PE is found to be stable between pH 5-9. This protocol helps to get highly pure PE (72%) and PC (39%).
Page(s): 372-375
ISSN: 0975-1084 (Online); 0022-4456 (Print)
Appears in Collections:JSIR Vol.64(05) [May 2005]

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