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Solidification Behaviour of Eutectics: Part I - Catechol + o-Phenylenediamine Eutectic SystemRastogi, R. P.; Singh, N. B.; Singh, Narsingh Bahadur; Dwivedi, K. D.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]431-433
Studies with Polystyrene Based Zinc &' Ferric Phosphate Membranes: Evaluation of Effective Fixed Charge Density & Test of Recent Theory of Membrane Potential Based on' Non-equilibrium ThermodynamicsBeg, M. Nasim; Siddiqi, Fasih A; Singh, Surendra P.; Prakash, Poorna; Gupta, (Miss) VeenaIJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]434-436
Physicochemical Studies on Chromia & Chromia-Alumina CatalystsKrishnasamy, V.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]437-441
Studies on the Electrical Properties of Tungsten Doped V2O5Palanna, O. G.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]442-444
Viscosities of Concentrated Aqueous Solutions of Some Carbohydrates & UreaMishra, R. K.; Behera, B.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]445-448
Variation of the Solubility of Water in Binary Mixtures of Alcohols Critical Solution CompositionSingh, R. Pratap; Haque, M. M.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]449-451
Role of Some Ionic & Non-ionic Surfactants in the Suppression of Polarographic Negative Maximum of Mn(II)Ram, Gita; Dubey, M. C.; Singh, MukhtarIJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]452-455
Substitution Reactions of Au(III)-Nuc1eoside/Nuc1eotide Complexes In Non-aqueous MediumChatterji, D.; Podder, S. K.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]456-460
A Novel Binuclear Compound Containing Cu(II) & Fe(III): A Model System for the Copper-Iron EnzymeDas, P. K.; Sarkar, D. K.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]461-464
Metal Halide Complexes of Quinoline N-Oxide: A Study of Halide Interaction in the Coordination of Neutral Monodentate LigandDurairaj, K.; Arulraj, S. J.; Patel, C. C.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]465-468
Synthesis & Characterization of Nickel(II) Complexes of Orotic AcidSingh, A. K.; Singh, R. P.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]469-471
Complexes of 5-Phenylazo-8-quinolinol with AI(III), Ga(III), In(III) & TI(I)Khater, M. M.; Issa, Y. M.; Shoukry, A. F.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]472-475
Reactions of Some Oxygen Donor Ligands with Uranyl Methoxide MethanolatePaul, R. C.; Mohini, (Miss) Chander; Gupta, P. K.; Chadha, S. L.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]476-478
Solvolysis Rates in Aqueous-Organic Mixed Solvents: Pate VII - Enthalpy & Entropy of Activation for Benzoyl Chloride Solvolysis in Methanol-Water SolutionsAshy, M.A.; Diefallah, E. M.; Khalil, A. M.; Mousa, M.A.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]479-483
Kinetics of Oxidation of Potassium Cyanide by Chloramine-TMahadevappa, D. S.; Gowda, B. T.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]484-487
Kinetics of Oxidation of Indigo Carmine by Iron(III)-Bipyridyl ComplexRao, P. V. Subba; Murty, P. S. N.; Subbaiah, K. V.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]488-490
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Levulinic Acid by Ce(IV) In Sulphuric Acid MediumPrasad, S.; Prasad, R. K.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]491-494
Kinetics of Oxidation of Aniline & Substituted Anilines by Bromate IonVijayalakshmi; Sundaram, E. V.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]495-497
Studies on Structure & Bonding in Some New Mixed Ligand Compounds of Dioxouranium(VI)Kundu, Phatik C.; Roy, Parag S.0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)498-501
Potentiometric & Spectrophotometric Determinations of Dissociation Constants of B-Diketoarylazo CompoundsMasoud, Mamdouh S.; Kaddah, A. M.; Khalil, A. M.; Tawfik, N. I.IJC-A Vol.17A(05) [May 1979]502-504
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 38