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Crystal Field Stabilization Energies & Lattice Energies of Diatomic, Triatomic & Complex CrystalsThakur, Lambodar; Sinha, Arun Kumar; Sandwar, B. B.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]1-4
Crystal Spectra of Three Faces of Tetrakis-thioureanickel(II) ChloridePothen, Alex; Basu, GobindaIJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]5-8
Determination of Particle Size of Polystyrene Lattices Synthesized at Very Low Monomer Concentration by Soap Titration TechniqueChatterjee, Shankar P.; Banerjee, Monoranjan; Bera, Bhabesh; Konar, Ranajit S.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]9-12
A Comparative Study of Electric Dipole Moments of Some Monosubstituted Benzenes, Naphthalenes, Fluorenes, Biphenyls, Fluoranthenes & PyrenesPillay, M. KrishnaIJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]13-16
Anodization of Superpurity Aluminium in Boric Acid-Formamide, Glycol-Borate & Formic Acid-Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate MediaNigam, R. K.; Saini, R. C.; Kapoor, R.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]17-20
Effect of Ionic Migration on Oscillations & Pattern Formation in Oscillatory ReactionsKumar, AshwiniIJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]21-23
Some Common Features of the Action of UV Light & Gamma Rays on Hexacyanocobaltate(III) in Aqueous SolutionMitra, R. P.; Sharma, B. K.; Pattnaik, H.C.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]24-28
Gasometric Study of Kinetics of Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Catalysed by Cu(II)Ram, R. N.; Gupta, J. R. P.; Prasad, R B.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]29-31
A Kinetic Study of Zinc Exchange on Sodium DickiteSinghal, J. P.; Rawat, J. P.; Gupta, G. K.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]32-35
Kinetics of Substitution of Aquo Ligands from cis-Diaquo-bis(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) Ion by Ethylenediamine Water-Ethanol MixturePal, (Miss) Mira; De, G. S.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]36-39
Kinetics & Mechanism of Oxidation of Phenoxazine by PersulphatePandav, (Miss) B. V.; Ram, Nathu; Sidhu, K. S.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]40-44
Kinetics of Oxidation of Benzoin by Ceric Ammonium Nitrate In Aqueous Acetic AcidNarasimhan, S.; Ramanujam, Srinivasa; Venkatasubramanian, N.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]45-47
Kinetics of Oxidation of Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Propionaldehyde & Butyraldehyde by Ditelluratocuprate(III) in Alkaline MediumMurthy, C. P.; Sethuram, B.; Rao, T. NavaneethIJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]48-51
Kinetics of Oxidation of Aniline & Substituted Anilines by PeriodateRao, M. Prasada; Sethuram, B.; Rao, T. NavaneethIJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]52-54
Oxidation Studies: Part XIII-Kinetics of Oxidation of Esters by Cobaltic Sulphate in H2SO4 MediumUsha, A. V.; Seuhuram, B.; Rao, T. NavaneethIJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]55-56
Kinetics of Oxidation of Dimethyl Sulphoxide by Periodate Catalysed by Os(VIII) & Ru(III)Radhakrishnamurti, P. S.; Padhi, S. C.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]57-59
Oxidation of Ketones by Chloramine- TRadhakrishnamurti, P. S.; Rao, M. D. PrasadaIJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]60-62
Kinetics & Mechanism of Halogenation of Substituted Benzaldehydes by N-Bromosuccinimide in Aqueous Acetic Acid & Sodium Acetate Buffer MediumRadhakrishnamurti, P. S.; Sahu, B.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]63-65
Kinetics of Reduction of Ce(IV) by Ascorbic Acid In Various Acid MediaRajanna, K. Chinna; Rao, Y. Rajeswar; Saiprakash, P. K.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]66-69
Medium Effect on the Deprotonation Constants of 2-(p-Dimethylarnino- styryl) pyridine & 2-(p-Dimethylaminostyryl) quinoline EthiodidesMahmoud, M. R.; Abd-Elhamide, R.IJC-A Vol.17A(01) [January 1979]70-73
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40